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Alex Murphy

Jun 5, 2016
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Couldn't find a thread on Brexit.

As polls show support shifting away from Brexit ahead of Thursday’s referendum, divisions have emerged within the Leave campaign over its signature issue of immigration.

Justice secretary Michael Gove, who chairs Vote Leave, the official pro-Brexit campaign, sharply criticised a Ukip poster showing thousands of Syrian refugees under the headline “Breaking point”.

And former London mayor Boris Johnson sought to change the Leave campaign’s rhetoric on immigration, calling at a London rally for an amnesty for illegal immigrants who came to Britain more than 12 years ago.

Brexit: Leave campaign divided over immigration
Think it will probably be a leave vote now.
I can't imagine for the life of me why they would want to leave. It will be a complete nightmare to restructure the economy after this and there will be essentially no difference
Regardless of what you think of the EU, anyone thinking we'd be better off under the likes of Boris, Gove etc is living in bizarro world.
John Oliver did a piece on Brexit that was pretty good
Regardless of what you think of the EU, anyone thinking we'd be better off under the likes of Boris, Gove etc is living in bizarro world.
I'm worried that if we leave it would empower even more right wingers like Farage.

I'm no fan of the bureaucrats in Brussels but I think the likes of Farage are just as bad if not worst.
The problem is being part of the EU has greatly contributed to the rise of the right all over Europe. A lot of citizens seem to feel their national identity has been diluted and now they've responded with exaggerated nationalist sentiments. Both options have pros and cons.
John Oliver did a good segment about Brexit and why leaving would be the dumbest thing Britain could do and why it wouldnt save them a dime. Id post it, but its not Hype appropriate due to the language. Its worth watching tho.
When Roy Foster moved to Britain in the 1970s, it was at a time when much of the political argument was around Britain’s membership of the European project. The reticence among large swathes of the British people regarding that relationship lasts until today.

“A friend whose background was British but who had lived in Ireland said, ‘You will never understand that depth of prejudice against Europe amongst ordinary British people’. It was a depressing thing to hear and I have slowly come to realise this is true,” said Foster.

It is not a view that the academic from Waterford shares. Along with 300 other historians from Britain and wider Europe, he signed a letter calling for a Remain vote in Thursday’s referendum, so as to “reaffirm our commitment to the EU and stiffen the cohesion of our Continent in a dangerous world”.

Brexit vote: Johnson and Farage show ‘worst of Britain’
The number of British lawyers who have registered to practise in Ireland rose significantly in the first six months of 2016, primarily due to concerns that Britain may vote to leave the EU, the Law Society said on Monday.

A record 186 British lawyers were admitted by the end of June, the regulatory body said, up from less than 50 at the same time last year and already almost four times the amount that qualified to practise in Ireland during 2014.

“Solicitors are flowing into this jurisdiction in unprecedented numbers. They don’t intend to come here and practise, they are acquiring the additional qualification as an Irish solicitor as they are entitled to,” Law Society director general Ken Murphy told national broadcaster RTÉ.

British lawyers rush to register in Ireland over Brexit fears
An almost universal consensus has emerged among polling houses in the UK suggesting that we're heading for a British exit from the European Union. Since June 9, opinion polls have shown an averaging lead of 4pc in favour of leaving the EU.

However, the poor performance of polling houses prior to the 2015 UK general election casts considerable doubt over these polls. Indeed, the betting markets remain sceptical, predicting that Britain will remain in the EU.

To evaluate the predictive capacity of the polls, we can examine the historical relationship between polls and referendum results. Looking at the 25 most recent referendums in the UK and Ireland, it is clear that there are situations where polls are very good predictors and there are situations where polls are very bad predictors.

Brexit referendum: now who should we believe, the bookies or the pollsters?
I understand wanting leave but I don't get the mass conspiracy that many leavers have about all these experts, business leaders, ect being part of a giant conspiracy to have Britain remain.

When you start claiming anyone that doesn't share your views is part of a conspiracy then your clutching at straws in my opinion.

The British press have a borderline hatred of the EU and have spouted continuous hostile articles about the EU for decades so it is no wonder many people have developed a deep hatred of the institution when everything you hear is nothing but negative.

All most people know about the EU is from the press so if they aren't getting fair and balanced information then it is no wonder the British public have a more negative opinion than the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson was apart of the press that disseminated nothing but negativity about Europe for years.

The value of the pound gets affected by this **** don't it? If they leave.
The two sides in Britain’s EU referendum have clashed on the consequences of leaving the EU for immigration and the economy, as tightening polls suggest that Thursday’s vote remains too close to call. Leading figures from the rival campaigns faced off before thousands of people at London’s Wembley Stadium in the most combative debate of the campaign.

As Leave campaigners accused the Remain campaign of “Project Fear” over the economy, London mayor Sadiq Khan said the Leave campaign was pursuing ‘Project Hate’ over immigration. He said the Leave campaign had failed to outline a plan for Britain’s economy and trade after Britain left the EU.

“How do you make sure that jobs won’t suffer, how will you make sure small businesses wont suffer, the last time there was a recession hard working people suffered many lost their homes and what’s important Boris is you answer their questions, what is your plan?” he said.

Brexit: Sides clash over immigration in debate as polls tighten
The value of the pound gets affected by this **** don't it? If they leave.

538's weekly podcast covered the polling and sides for this. Rather interesting. The Leave side kind of comes off like Trump.
There has only been one country that has left the eu. Iceland has had average growth of 2.6% over the last 6 years. More than the pigs.

We'll see.
The UK should exit. The EU is a massive failure because it was ignorant to ever think countries that are massively different culturally would be able to hold one form of monetary system without it imploding the way it has been for the past decade now.

Sovereignty and autonomy are key for a country to survive.
I am shorting the Eurozone as we speak. If they vote to stay in, I will probably be adding to my short positions. The EU is a disaster, as evident with everybody not named Germany, which itself is now rapidly on the decline.
Voting is continuing in Northern Ireland and Britain in the referendum on the UK's European Union membership.

Registered voters have until 10pm to cast their votes after a bitter campaign that appeared to divide the nation down the middle.

Prime Minister David Cameron called the referendum under pressure from his ruling Conservative Party and an increasingly powerful anti-EU party, hoping to put to rest decades of debate over Britain's place in Europe and its ties with Brussels.

UK goes to the polls in EU referendum
“We are not enemies, but friends. ... Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory... will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

In the shadow of civil war Abraham Lincoln in his Inaugural address was speaking of another union in another time, warning against a parting of the ways. But, as our neighbours in the UK today cast their votes on whether to secede from the EU, it is important from this side of the Irish Sea to make the same point.

Leave campaigners insist that the EU is an undemocratic, dysfunctional alliance in which the interests of one state are systematically overriden. This is not a description of this cooperative venture, where sovereignty is not lost but shared, that we recognise.

The Irish Times view: An appeal from friends as UK is about to vote on Brexit
The EU referendum was the talk of the Glastonbury Festival as voting began on Thursday.

Several festival-goers could be seen proudly wearing "I'm In" badges to support the Remain campaign, which counts Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis as an outspoken supporter.

A large proportion of the 180,000 campers expected over the weekend arrived at the site on Wednesday and Mr Eavis repeatedly urged them to arrange a postal or proxy vote as Worthy Farm has no polling station.

EU talk on the bill at Glastonbury but no polling station for festival-goers
Didn't see this thread before. 1 hour till the voting deadline!
Gibralta votes stay. Not really suprising due to it's location.
Florida is going to screw up this vote somehow. Just watch, they'll find a way.
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