Bronx Ghetto Tours Stopped After Outrage


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Aug 6, 2009
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Just the other week I was reading about a South-Central ghetto tour run by reformed gangbangers. Don't really get the appeal. Nothing much interesting about a ghetto (that's why they are ghettos) and this seems like a safe way for rich people to get a vicarious thrill.
"ohhh dear....lets not go on to the country club this weekend, I have a better idea! Let's go take a tour of an impoverished community while we hold each other! ohhhh wouldn't it just be a delight!" "Then aferwards we can head into the city and I can spend thousands of dollars on stuff I'll never wear!"
It's like a ****ing zoo tour. That is what it seems like to me what they're doing.
It's like a ****ing zoo tour. That is what it seems like to me what they're doing.

My thoughts exactly.

It's like those liberal progressive North American tourists who take unnecessary risks when they visit places like Brazil, Thailand, South Africa etc., because they want to tell their equally pretentious friends that "oh yeah, we went and saw the REAL <insert developing country here>."

Such sanctimonious crap. This sounds completely evil, but there are times when I relish hearing stories of these idiots getting shot/stabbed/kidnapped and needing their first-world governments to bail them out.
If they want the deluxe ghetto experience package, I think they should be forced to smoke crack rocks before they get on the bus. I bet these silver-spoon, McMansion dwelling, ghetto safari snobs would crap themselves if they actually had to get off the bus at any time.
That reminds me of when Dee and Dennis got addicted to crack because they wanted to try and go on welfare because they didn't want to work

It appealed mostly to rich European or Australian tourists... who I guess felt it was so dangerous to walk into a ghetto they had to "hire" a tour guide to do it instead of risking a free walk themselves.
Now if you look to your left you'll see two crackheads fighting over a dumpster sandwich...

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