Can someone help me with buying chronological Silver Surfer/Galactus volumes?


Sep 27, 2005
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I'm trying to read the 1970s/1980s volumes that all connect to Silver Surfer/Galactus in some type of chronological order. Can someone help me recommend which ones I need to read for a long continuous flowing story arc?

So far i've read and consider these to be the ones in the correct order: Essential Silver Surfer Volume 2, The Rebirth of Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet.

After reading those listed above books, I'm assuming that the following are related as well: Essenial Silver Surfer Vol 1, Secret Wars (Galactus is in this I think), a Defenders volume (they had some storyline in space with Krees/Skrulls?), West Coast Avengers, of course Infinity War, and anything else?

I feel like there have been more volumes that involve Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, the Elders, The hierarchy outer space god characters (such as Cronos, Eternity, In-Betweener, etc.) Kree/Skrulls, Defenders that I need to read. Can anyone help me out?
Well,the Marvel Universe had some good cosmic stories at that time.In a way,better than what is going on now.Adam Warlock and Captain Mar-vell had their own comic books at that time,but i'm not sure if they were made into paperbacks that you could buy..

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