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Canadian Serial Killer

Yeah this has been a big case for a few years now. Some people are downright evil, it's disgusting what humans are capable of doing to one another.
he's still probably way more polite than an American serial killer.
those women didn't have to die like that
If that's Dexter on your avatar then you have a strange fascination with killing.
Geez..The way those poor women died.:csad: I'm glad he's gonna be locked up in jail forever.
oh yes, Robert Pickton...

This thing has been going on for a long time in Vancouver I believe. I've heard a lot about it 'cause I'm from Victoria.
Looking the way he does, I'm surprised he was able to get close enough to these women to kill them.
Canadian serial killer...I wonder how that went...

Killer: I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to kill you now, eh? Thank you.
someone posted about this guy ages ago...last year-ish.
Yeah, but he only got second-degree because it's believed he had accomplices.
Ha, this is ridiculous. I just read that this morning too, on FOX. Lame.

Did you read that they said is conduct was "murderous"?

NO F'N SHHH.... Idiots. He's a serial killer. And he obviosuly looks like one. C'mon!
Ahhhh the pig farmer.....the whole reason it went as long as it did is b/c he killed prostitutes (a lot of which were Native) so the Police didn't investigate much into the dissapearances....
bu..bu...bu.. but...hes Canadian.... :(
I thought Canadians were supposed to be all nice and friendly, there eh?
I hate when the judges are all polite and civilized when speaking to the monsters.
"Mr. Pickton there is really nothing that I can say to adequately express the revulsion the community feels about these killings,"

I like the ones who go Hogwild and say weird stuff like, "You are sub-human. I pray that your bones burn for eternity in Hell and a colony of devils set up a gated community inside your ass."

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