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casino royale teaser, trailer, clip, and other production video download


Jul 26, 2006
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hi everybody, i'm newbie here and i try to make a thread, lol (sorry for my bad english)

I searched but didn't find an existing thread for download the new James Bond Casino Royale production video, but if there is one, please feel free to merge this thread:D:D:D

and this thread dedicated for the upcoming full trailer arrival in september:D:D:D

all you guys can contribute and request here

start with me

Here's a direct link to the QT version of the On The Set video from AOL:

Casino Royale BTS (QT 44.7MB)

right click and save

interviews at Extra TV:

CR extra TV interview

The official Casino Royale site http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/c...ite/flash.html
now contains 10 production video clips. below here are direct links to high bandwidth flv files.

podcast no.1 beginnings-4.43 mb

right click and save as

use flv player to play it

podcast no. 2 filming begins- 7.72 mb


podcast no. 3 bahamas locations- 5.28 mb


podcast no. 4

sorry, forgot the tittle:D

podcast no. 5 the chase

awesome vids i thought:D

podcast no. 6 007 stage


podcast no. 6 directing bond

martin campbell badass:D

podcast no. 007 the fighting

just like james bond as jacky chan, i thought:D:D:D

podcast no. 8 casino part1

spolier alert:D:D:D

podcast no. 9 casino part2

no comment:D
link for podcast no. 10 will coming soon:D:D:D

have fun my friends
Thanks for all the vids:):up:i haven't seen the podcast ones

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