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Creator Bout 3: Kirby vs Eisner


Aug 16, 2003
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Two Titanic Creators, the father's of the medium.

In this Corner!:



Co-Creator of half the original Marvel universe (but let's not get into that issue...) including the X-Men, the Hulk, the Avengers, and the Silver Surfer, and for DC comics, the Fourth World, including Orion and the New Gods

and in this corner, in the blue short...



The Orsen Welles of Comics, he wrote the comicbook on how to write comicbooks! Creator of The Spirit, Fagin the Jew, The Plot, and A Contract with God.

Without this Deceased Duo, we wouldn't be here. But who's your favorite? who gets your respect?
wow, weird. The Alan Moore vs Neil Gaimen thread was a hit, The Waid vs Busiek thread was a hit, but nobody wants to vote on this one?
I think its out of respect that none of us can really define who of these two 'deserves' the spot more.
As much as I love Kirby, I had to go with Eisner.
what Kirby is to superhero comics, Eisner is to entire medium
Eisner; Spirit, Contract with God... it's just amazing work. As Lackey said Kirby changed superheroes in his time, but Eisner changed the entire medium. You have the Eisners Awards there is a reason the awards are named after him.
Impossible one to call really.

Lots of +ves for both very few -ves. It's comfortable on the fence!

- Whirly
I'm gonna go with Eisner. Probably because I'm reading Dropsie Avenue: The Neighborhood right now, but also because I've seen a lot of early Kirby art that wasn't quite up to Eisner's level.
I think Eisner too. As others have already said, he has done so much for the genre, the medium of comics etc. Kirby is the king of Superhero comics
I am going to say Eisner, but only after much consideration...
Well, they're not called the 'Eisner's' for nothing.
Archangel said:
Well, they're not called the 'Eisner's' for nothing.

No but they could easily be called the "Kirbys".

Still on the fence, I don't think this can be called.

- Whirly
Have to go with Eisner. While Kirby is the king of the superhero genre - Eisner was the groundbreaker for the entire medium.
It is a very tough call. I went with Kirby. Mainly because if not for what he had contributed to comics and superheroes, I have to wonder if comics as we know em today would even exist or be as popular. But both are truly two of the most important and great men in comics history.
I went with Jack Kirby,true he created half of the Marvel Universe.I also think he has a big hand in DC also,i also think he deserves more credit then he gets.
Kirby, for co-creating basically the entire Marvel Universe, and chipping in some noteworthy minor aspects of the DCU.
Now that i've had a good year and a half to think about it, I'm gonna go with Eisner.
I don't see how Kirby gets a single vote, really. Against almost any other creator, he gets the vote immediately, but Eisner was able to expand his innovative influence past the superhero form. Not only did he create lasting, memorable characters like The Spirit and John Law, but he also worked wonders in the more literary underground comics movement with pieces like A Contract With God and Fagin the Jew. He is absolutely the greatest comic book creator in history, although Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison are my personal favorites.

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