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crazy sock

Feb 20, 2007
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blows that the merch thread is gone cause it had a lot of cool crap in there, but oh well. i didnt plan on starting a custom figure thread or toy thread again cause i figured there was no point, since the merch thread disappeared from lack of interest. BUT. was lookn round the custom action figure realm site n saw what has to be the best GR 2099 custom ever. i remember seeing the entry months ago but it didnt have a pic up then. along with the GR 2099, i saw some other customs GR here they are for any whos interested.

GR 2099

hannibal king

moive BH

i thought the merch thread was gone and apparently its not cause its back. so uhhh if anyone knows how to redirect threads, feel free to redirect this one to there. i dont rele care, but i remember last time i made this thread someone redirected it to the merch one so whatever.
anyway heres a silversurfer GR found at figure realm its not rele great looking, but i do like the idea.hopefully someone will make a better one.
putting this blade custom in cause its a mix of the midnight sons and current/movie blades. i like it.

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