Danny Granger Considering Batcave Options


Jun 3, 2002
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Posted Jun 18th 2008 5:49PM by Tom Ziller

Pacer hero Danny Granger's got a killer architectural project in the works. From a Granger interview on Pacers.com, via the unstoppable Indy Cornrows:

"When I build a house a couple years down the line, I was telling my fiancée I wanted to have - once again with the superhero thing - you know how Batman drives into a hidden cave? I'm serious. I even met with like a builder and ask if this would be possible -- have a secret entrance to my house that no one knows about. Make it look like whatever, but have a secret way I can get to my house that I could drive my car in. It would probably cost way too much money but I really may think about doing that. Like seriously. I'm dead serious.

Granger's eligible for a contract extension this summer, and he should get $55 million plus for five more years. He's an excellent shooter and defender, a great kid, and the only positive thing Indiana's got going ... sort of like Sacramento's Kevin Martin last year (who got a $55 million deal). Granger can be an All-NBA player in his career. (That might make the Batcave more valuable, actually, considering Jamaal Tinsley's plight.)
If I had $55 Million I would build a BatCave...why not!? Ha Ha!

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