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DC Direct Deluxe Joker

honest george

The People's Friend
Nov 30, 2007
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Has anyone seen the 13" deluxe Joker due to come out this August? I am horrified by the results. I think they were trying to mimic the Joker from Ed Brubaker's "The Man Who Laughs" but it comes across as a big gummed, hillbilly cross between Fred Stoller and Tim Curry. At $70 a piece DC Direct must be losing all grips with reality.

Ew. :dry:

I'll pass. I was looking forward to this, too.
Tim Curry is exactly what I thought when I saw that.

Absolutely hideous.

Glad he's not playing joker.
There's a petition of sorts on the DC message boards for DC Direct to change the sculpt. This has worked in the past on their Captain Marvel figure whose head sculpt was changed after the pics of the initial prototype were released to huge public outcry.

Here's to hoping that works again.
The thing I thought when I saw the photo:

"A horse is a horse of course of course"

Seriously, the thing looks like Mr. Ed.
The laughing fish is the only good part about it.
I think the only problem are the yellow teeth, Joker is supposed to have an exagerrated smile!
They should've just sculpted a larger version of the Alex Ross Joker figure head.
Heh! The figure somewhat look like Paul Bettany to me. :funny:
They should've just sculpted a larger version of the Alex Ross Joker figure head.

The only problem with that is I believe DC was after a "classic" comic book version of the character; artist specific lines are usually marketed as such. Then again the Aquaman figure from this line, which I own and love, does greatly resemble the overall look of Ross' Aquaman depiction.

I know it must be difficult to blend in all the elements that make up this character's look into one sculpt, but they missed the mark IMO with this thing. As I've posted elsewhere I'm hoping 4HM or Hot Toys picks up the slack left by DCD and offer a great movie version deluxe character to counter this figure.
Yeah, I hope we're getting a HOT TOYS version of TDK Joker sometime. *sigh* It would be an absolute must for me. A fangirl can dream! I have the Superman Returns Superman and Clark (1st version) and they're beautiful. Obviously when a company pays so much attention to headsculps, actor likeness and quality of the outfits, you dream of them releasing figures of your fave characters. I don't own any other Joker figures but I know for sure a HOT TOYS one would be irresistible.

As for the DC Direct one here, I like the white gloves and the green shirt, and the purple is nice... But there's something about the head that bothers me. The first thing that caught my eye was the narrowness of the head itself. Maybe it's just the angle but I think it's a bit too narrow even for Joker's look.

Also, his hair doesn't look... that full. It's a very slick hairstyle, combed back so tightly it looks "glued" to the scalp. I prefer the fuller hair on Joker (he has a great mane sometimes, really! :woot:) and it's too bad this figure doesn't sport it. I'm not saying he should have very luscious hair that defies gravity, he should just have more of it.

I know I'm nitpicking but it kind of ruins the entire figure for me.
At a $70 asking price we should all feel free to nitpick away. TDK Joker is disturbing in his design, but DCD Joker is just plain ugly.

"IF" I was to pick this up, Id defintely have to use some sculpey to fix that mouth.
Looks like Tim Curry & Gollum had a kid and it went as Joker for Halloween. I'm not a fan of it.
He looks like that Conrad Veidt manip that been floating around the internet for the past few years. The gums, the eyes to one side--I don't think it's a coincidence. (But that's just me).

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