Defense Contractor Allegedly Compromised Nuclear Secrets to Chinese National


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Aug 6, 2009
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I heard about not bringing your work home with you, but I figured nuclear secrets are probably the last thing you want to use as pillow talk.


A defense contractor and former U.S. Army officer has been charged with communicating national defense secrets to a 27-year-old Chinese national with whom he had a romantic relationship.

Court records state that Bishop maintained "an intimate, romantic relationship with Person 1 since June 2011," and worked to hide that relationship from the U.S. government. Bishop was required to report foreign contacts as part of maintaining his security clearance.

A search of Bishop's Hawaiian home uncovered additional secret documents including one titled, "Fiscal Year 2014-2018 Defense Planning Guidance." The document is described as the "definitive planning document for force development." Bishop was not authorized to possess these documents in his home.
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How can this stuff happen? How could they let sensitive material like that get out? Even if he wasn't seeing this Chinese chick, he wasn't authorized to handle those documents to begin with!

People are going to be dealt with all up and down the ladder.

Do you think this has to do with NK? China is secretly helping NK gain intel on the US nuclear program?
I have this goin in the politics forums as well just FYI

Dont know if different breads go to different forums haha figured Id spread the news
My fiance worked as a defense contractor for a time, and he was pretty paranoid about this stuff. He even refused to be in the same room as my uncle, because my uncle is a Taiwanese national and not a US citizen. (And Taiwan is a friend of the US! :funny: ) I mean, he only did have to disclose he was going to be in the same room as a non-citizen, but he was really paranoid!

I still don't know what my fiance worked on during that time. Neither do his parents.

So yeah, this guy is a moron. :oldrazz:
Pretty sure China can just do what they have already been doing and just hack the computers to steal the information.

Pimping out your female spies seems like a waste of time.
Fembots strike again!

By making a thread about having headaches while staring at the computer monitor too long, and he thinks he has cancer.

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