Does anyone have this for DS?

Ok, NO ONE has a game case for their DS, then? :mad:

Do you really need one? I have one for my PSP because the screen is out and ready to be royally ****ed by the elements. But the DS is built to protect the screen, which is all that really needs protecting.

So unless you like to bring your DS to a knife fight, save your money.
lol. I just like to take my DS around and I don't the idea of it being directly exposed to a bunch of dirt and dust and stuff or whatever if I have it in my pocket the whole day.

Plus, if I drop it, I'd like to know that something's easying it's fall.

I kinda like this one:


First you bought a Pink DS and tried to "man" it up, now you want a DS purse. :o

Nintendo's handhelds are very durable. I wouldn't worry about the "dirt and dust" and if you're going around dropping it all the time, sooner or later a case won't help you.
I never told you if I bought the pink DS lite or not. I never even said that it was actually mine. Just drop that.

and that ain't no purse. :mad: :rolleyes: This is not a thread asking if I should buy one or not. This is a thread to help me figure out which one to buy. :word:


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