Dwayne Johnson Attached to TEDDY BEAR


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May 19, 2010
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Dwayne Johnson Attached to Produce and Possibly Star in TEDDY BEAR

by Dave Trumbore Posted: January 22nd, 2013 at 1:06 pm


I don’t know if anyone has ever called Dwayne Johnson “just a big teddy bear” and lived to tell the tale, but he might get the chance to play one in a New Line picture tentatively titled Teddy Bear. Details of the picture are being kept under wraps, but the source material was an illustration by fantasy artist Alex Panagopoulos. The drawing, titled “Sweet Halloween Dreams” depicts a tiny stuffed teddy bear with a wooden sword and shield defending a sleeping child from an enormous monster. Johnson is attached to produce at the moment with the possibility of starring. Hit the jump for more.

News on Johnson’s involvement with Teddy Bear comes via Heat Vision. While Johnson has resumed his role as an action star lately after a foray into more family-friendly fare, New Line has hopes that Teddy Bear launches a four-quadrant franchise. After all, Johnson’s Pain and Gain co-star Mark Wahlberg recently starred alongside an animated teddy bear in Ted and that seemed to work out well for everyone involved. Perhaps Wahlberg will provide “working with a stuffed animal co-star” tips in exchange for “getting a massive pump” pointers.

Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia are also on board to produce the film, which will reunite the talent behind Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. For the image in question, head over to Panagopoulos’ Deviant Art page and check out this recent interview with the artist here to see more of his work.
The picture...


Sounds more like he'd be the voice of the bear. Might be cool.
I've always liked the picture and it seems many others do too. But, there's something kinda funny about a film being made from it.
It actually seems like a remarkably fun and easy movie to write... of course it would need a proper budget to go along with it or it's better suited toward animation. Basically seems like a 'Disney' classic in the making if done right story-wise.
Looking at the pic, I'd say the story could be pretty epic.

They want it to be a four quadrant type of film, so there's that to take into consideration.
Four quadrant's easy, especially with this kind of film - as said, follow the disney mold. Follow the Pixar mold rather but with live-action and it's set. Note I'm not saying matter of days easy. But, the template itself is. And if it takes the development time of Pixar films, it's looking at gold. Not having the development time Pixar has - could be trouble with the possible budget I'm imagining it having. It just seems like a very classic Disney animation image.
I could actually see it being a Pixar animated flick if they chose to not go the live action route.
I thought this was the sequel to Ted. : /
I actually don't see it as Godzilla. Kinda wondering what responses would be to this:


Body - bluish dark purple
Teeth - yellowy white
Eyes - greenish yellow
Nails - same as the body, just a darker shade

Basically it's very amphibious to me for some reason.

What's the monster's colors to you guys?
Consider my ticket sold. I will totally see this.
Would have been better as an anime movie.
It is big and kind of reptilian, flashback of the remake with Jean Reno and the animated TV show. Imagination man, imagination :)

Kinda figured some would see it looking that way too. Godzilla also came to my mind as well as another possibility. For those wondering:


Now looking back, yeah - my image was remarkably similar to that as well.


Anyways, I don't know about this movie but I do know I want to go see his latest movie Snitch.
"another fast and stupid one, since these days (or ever) I dont have time to do anything better -"

hahahha :)
I remember when this picture first showed up, someone here said it needed to be made into a movie. I love the concept.

DeviantArt artist says Dwayne Johnson movie deal has inspired 'overwhelming' response

By Adi Robertson on January 25, 2013 09:30 am @thedextriarchy 35Comments

A DeviantArt drawing of a protective teddy bear has inspired a film project by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. "Sweet Halloween Dreams," created by Greek software engineer Alex Panagopoulos, shows the tiny bear holding off a massive reptilian monster with a wooden sword, protecting the sleeping girl beside it. As The Hollywood Reporter first discovered a few days ago, Panagopoulos has sold the film rights to New Line, where Johnson is attached as a producer (and potential star) and Beau Flynn — who worked with Johnson on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island — is set to produce as well.

Panagopoulos tells us the image first became popular on Reddit and other sites last September; "soon afterwards, somebody made a demotivational poster with it, which started circulating in Facebook and elsewhere. There was a huge surge of traffic to my page, although originally the image circulated without attribution... Due to this, in the following months I was approached by several people who had different projects in mind." One of them was Hiram Garcia, Johnson's former assistant, who told him that there was interest in a movie and that Johnson could work on it. "He seemed enthusiastic about it, we discussed and this eventually resulted in an offer."

It's far too early to tell whether a film based on "Sweet Halloween Dreams" will come to fruition, or what it will look like when it does. Panagopoulos, though, says he's seen a massive jump in traffic to the piece since the announcement. "The DeviantArt community is especially warm and supportive, and people have left many comments the last couple of days. It is a bit overwhelming, to watch something I did very quickly a long time ago, and had mostly forgotten about [since] a year and a half ago, get so much attention suddenly."
While it seems like it could be a cute idea for a movie, I can't help but find it funny that the WWE Champion is going to be starring in a major movie called "Teddy Bear".
Well, he's starred in Tooth Fairy, so...
Just like I asked in the Hercules thread, what does this mean for Johnson's involvement in Lobo?

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