FOX Sports CEO Interested in NBA, Golf


Mar 22, 2008
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As long as you get the NBA off of ABC-ESPN (and give it to a network that will actually promote the sport properly and give it a high quality and consistent production), I'll be satisfied:

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, FOX Sports CEO David Hill was asked what sport FOX would like to acquire that it does not currently have. Hill mentioned both the NBA and the sport of golf in his reply.

"I think the NBA is starting to make a resurgence," Hill told the Times, "I'm a little interested in golf. Not because of the Tiger [Woods] thing. There are a lot of young hot players coming through now, which is going to give it a lift."

FOX has never had the rights to the NBA or the PGA Tour, though the network went after both during the 1990s.

The NBA is locked into its television deals with ESPN and Turner through the 2016 season.

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour's deal with CBS and NBC lasts through 2013. As far as golf's major events go, the U.S. Open will air on NBC and ESPN through 2014, the British Open will air on ESPN through 2018, and the PGA Championship will air on CBS through 2011 (first two rounds on TNT through 2019).

Just two years ago, when asked by Sports Business Daily if he had any interest in having the NBA (or the NHL, Olympics and open wheel racing) air on FOX, Hill flatly said "No."
ESPN/ABC do promote the NBA properly....i see commercials EVERYWHERE for it

your anti ESPN bias is showing
I live in CT so I support my local establishments....we don't have any pro sports here in CT, but it is the home of ESPN

and I do have friends that have worked or interned there
As long as Fox buying the NBA means that Marc Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy remain a team, I am fine with that. I enjoy their rampant debates during NBA on ESPN coverage. It's like when NBC does it's NHL coverage with Mike Milbury vs. Pierre Maguire at the end of each period, except Van Gundy vs. Jackson is not as heated as Milbury vs. Maguire.

I don't want Joe buck to do golf or NBA though. I'd be curious who Fox might use for their telecasts of those sports if they get it.
i still think that Millbury is going to haul off and hit Maguire one day
Don Cherry got a nice burn on Millbury on CBC on Saturday. During the second intermission when Milbury is part of a panel, Cherry was there standing behind everyone excited to show Stamkos getting his 50th goal (Cherry was a big supporter of Stamkos and didn't like that he wasn't at the Olympics). Millbury butted in and told his former Bruins coach that he had his 15 minutes and now they have four guys to do 5 minutes. Cherry turns to him

"As I've told Ron, there is a first line... and there is a fourth line."

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