Aug 4, 2003
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I love to write and have been teaching myself to write fiction for about 6 or so years now. My dream is to write for a living, but having never went to school and with no chance of it happening any time soon, it's hard to find a job in the writing field (note: I have no writing credits or training to go on a resume, so there's little to no chance of any serious writing job taking me seriously). And on top of that, I'm not even sure I'm good enough to write for a living. My imagination for novels and such is definately top notch, but I'm a writing novice in my opinion, though others say I'm better than I think. I've just spent 6 years working on 2 novels, editing and re-editing and teaching myself how to write on my own time. The stories are great, but I'm a pesemist when it comes to my own talents and abilities.

Anyhow. It never struck me until today to do some freelance writing jobs, articles and such, to start building my own writing resume a bit. Thing is, I don't know anything about freelance work, and I don't even know what freelancing articles and copywriting and such entails.

Has anyone here ever freelanced or done anything like this? Does anyone know where I can look to study the stuff. I found a site that seems reperatable where freelancers can find work and advertise themselves, but I'm iffy on starting without knowing what I'm getting into. I'd like to prepare myself.

Anyone have anything that might help? Any advice?

(and since this is a thread about my writing ability... yes, I know I'm not the most literary or accurate speller and such on the Hype, but that's because I don't care enough to check my stuff and such. I'm much better when I'm being serious about it).

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