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Mar 27, 2005
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Well since GDC is set to kick off tomorrow from San Francisco, i figured wed need a thread to discuss all the happenings. So here it is. Any GDC info you come across, try and keep it in this thread.

What: 2008 Game Developers Conference

When: February 18 - February 22

Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco

Heres a link to the GDC website:
Heres a list of some of the speakers from a few of the big developers/publishers.(taken from the GDC website)


Haden Blackman - Project Lead
Reid Kimball - Designer
Toby Mast - Quality Assurance Manager
Matt Omernick - Art Director


Sylvain Bernard - Animation Director
Clint Hocking - Creative Director
James Therien - Technical Lead for Crowd Gameplay


Micheal Capps - President
Jeff Morris - Producer
Martin Sweitzer - Programmer


Rod Humble - Head of The Sims Studio
Rob Moore - VP & CTO of EA-Tiburon
Rob Hunicke - Game Designer


Ray Muzyka - General Manager
Damion Schubert - Lead Combat Designer
Adrien Cho - Lead Technical Artist
Rich Vogel - Co Studio Designer


Peter Molyneux - Head of Studio
Andrew Lindsay - Head of Animation


Chris Butcher - Engineering Lead
Damian Isla - AI Lead
Sean Shypula - Software Design Engineer.

-Naughty Dog-

Christophe Balestra - Co President
Rich Diamant - Lead Character Artist
Jeremy Lai-Yates - Lead Gameplay Animator
Dan Liebgold - Lead Gameplay Programmer.

Of course these are not all of the speakers for each brand. There are also MANY more developers/publishers that will be attending GDC 2008.
Microsoft will show Banjo-Kazooie 3.
Awesome, Troels Folmann is doing a lecture! :D Hope that gets posted online.
I just saw that. That's a pretty bad way to start a conference.

I dont know whats more humiliating that console dying or Microsoft saying the problem does not exist anymore & then that console dies soon after they said that
I dont know whats more humiliating that console dying or Microsoft saying the problem does not exist anymore & then that console dies soon after they said that

I think what hurts the most, is that this from the BBC. Europe is where MS needs to gain some traction in and this won't help very much.

I don't want this to turn into a flame war, so maybe we should move on to other news.

Ninja Theory next Game to be revealed at GDC ?

At the Ninja Theory official site, some people noticed that there is a new banner showing a destroyed city in somewhat a futuristic setting... Could this be the new Ninja theory game? And will it be revealed at GDC?

Ninja theory on the site homepage said:

"Right now we're working on an exciting new concept that has got everyone we talk to buzzing. We can't say a lot except that it's going to be great to work on and should be even better to play! It'll take all the things we loved about Heavenly Sword and make them bigger and better than ever before."

Hit the jump to see the banners.
Another Banner can be found here:
The RRoD thing is really embarrassing and totally uneceptable.
Then again, like it say in Kotaku, all other GDC 360 are working fine, so, maybe, just maybe, it´s an "old" 360.
Old or New Xbox 360 aside, it is kinda funny that one of the demos at GDC has the RRoD.
yea thats pretty amusing, and speaking of rrod, I saw a console at Target yesterday with the rrod.
Is Nintendo doing a Key Note ? I know Sony isnt but they have a booth there
I'm really not sure man, try checking the gdc website.
Gears of War 2 has been confirmed as a November 2008 release for the Xbox 360. Check for more info.
Any word of a release date on Fable 2?
Any word of a release date on Fable 2?

Molyneux says,: "I know the exact date as to when Fable 2 will arrive in stores, its just that no one else knows the date." He states that itll DEFINITELY be out on 08, most likely near the holidays.
I'm glad that Microsoft is finally showing thier 2008 line-up. With Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Gears of War 2, it's certainly impressive :up:
When the hell is Sony gonna start churning out the important news?

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