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Jan 4, 2005
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Back in November of 2004, a bunch of us guys from GB boards tried to get together to do our own fan comic to fill in the long gaps between 88MPH's often delayed comic series. Unfortunately, the demands of a monthly 22-page comic became too much for our artist and the comic was forced into hiatus pending finding a new artist. Unfortunately, one was never found, but the comic does live on in some form: as stories.

Check out the first three issues of the series by clicking the following links, then stay tuned to this thread for updates and future stories.

#1: "Mirror Mirror Part 1"
Every few centuries on the full moon a demon has collected just enough souls to invade our world. Of course, it will fall on the Ghostbusters to stop her.

#2: "Mirror Mirror Part 2"
Hundreds of zombie clones, a demon that feeds on their proton packs, and the threat of their world ending. Just your average weekday in the lives of the Ghostbusters.

#3: "Of Marshmallows and Men"
Mr. Stay Puft was destroyed at the end of the Ghostbusters movie, and yet managed to appear in the cartoon without any explanation. At last! The explanation will be revealed!

#4: "Date Fright"
Remember the ghost train from Ghostbusters 2? Well, the guys sure do, because it's back and tearing up the city! Plus: Egon and Janine, together at last?

#5: "Prank On, Ray"
There's nothing Ray loves more than a good joke. Unfortunately, so does a powerful spook from another dimension. Now Ray must prank for all he's worth, or end up a slave forever!

#6: "Little Trouble in Big Brooklyn"
While on a job in Brooklyn, Ray and Winston find themselves in a LITTLE trouble that could add up to a very BIG problem!

#7: "Snowed"
It's a cold time in the hot town when mother nature takes a step backward and spring becomes winter!

#8: "How I Got Here" or "Four Tales of the Real Ghostbusters"
What does a cowboy, a chaos demon, a gremlin, a pirate and a common spook have in common? They all go up against the Ghostbusters in this issue, that's what!

#9: "Bankrupt"
A ghost in the machine causes some monitary problems. PLUS! Because nobody demanded it: the return of Louis Tully!

#10: "Grand Theft Ecto"
Ecto-1's been stolen and the Ghostbusters are going to have to go through hell to get her back!

#11: "There's No Business Like Ghost Business"
It's Peter Venkman...on Broadway? There's no business like show business, especially if you're a Ghostbuster!

#12: "The Return"
Dana's back, but she's not the only thing! What can this mean for the Ghostbusters?
A little treat: th' first page (of 21) of th' first issue, th' only one we were able to complete.


Story: Chris Buchner
Pencils: Rolando Munoz
Finishes & Letters: Ben King
Thanks, I'm workin' with a really great crew. I'll be postin' th' other pages as they get completed.
Pretty good stories there mate. Love Ghostbusters, Keep up the good work.
Thanks, I hope you read and enjoy what follows...we got some big things planned to shake up th' GB world (although not in that "House of M/Infinite Crisis" type way). :p Just things you've never seen done before in th' movies, cartoons or comics.
There's nothing Ray loves more than a good joke. Unfortunately, so does a powerful spook from another dimension. Now Ray must prank for all he's worth, or end up a slave forever!

GB: PPE #5, available now!
Hey, one of them's got my last name.

Baugh, that's a helluva name!
Heh that'd be Dr. Fritz Baugh, master of GB an' Digimon trivia. (No clue if it's his real name, but it's th' only one I know)

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