The Dark Knight Gotham Viral Sites UPDATE 12/4!


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Jun 27, 2007
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Ok guys, in all the hoopla about the new, awesome 1-sheet, some of the Gotham City viral sites have been updated!! - New memories and message from father! - New info on crooked security firms! - A new taped conversation between a cop (Barhyte?) and Jason McCree, one of the officers in the bust at the House of Pies last Saturday. He talks about Gina and Harvey Dent.

And - New info on the corrupt cops.

There may be more to come. Stay tuned!
looks like no more viral sites til new years
did any one get this e mail

[email protected]

Heads up, clown! Tomorrow means that there's one last shifty step left
in the interview process:


i got this last night
Very nice find! Thanks for the update!
Wow, thanks for the updates (Didn't know about the new audio file). The other sound file was awesome. Can't wait to see what these lead to.

An update about Gina and then talk of her bloodmoney in the new tape. Anyone found anything?
I just found a audio clip of the cop that was in Betty's when Karl got killed, he's talking to Officer Barhyte. He mentions Dent toward the very end. It's in the Gotham Police Department Internal Affairs Division website. He talks about Gina and the bloodmoney. I don't know if it's new or not, but yeah, it's pretty cool

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