GTA San Andreas case settled


Aug 25, 2006
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Hot Coffee' Class Action Settled, $35 Rewarded For Outrage

The class action suit against Rockstar Games for the part they played in the infamous "Hot Coffee" scandal has finally been resolved, granting all US citizens who were offended by the event up to $35.

In case you forgot, the entire "Hot Coffee" scandal was the result of some code left in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allowed players (through the use of a simple, widely available hack) to "have sex" with other characters in the game (see right).

Rockstar denied culpability, but were still taken to court over the issue.

To be eligible for monetary compensation for any outrage they may have felt over the incident, claimants must be able to verify their purchase of the game and submit their notice by May 16.

In addition to the monetary rewards, the court has also made available updated copies of San Andreas which do not contain the offending code.
As per usual with these type of settlements, the court reserves the right to prorate the amount a person is eligible for based on the number of people who file claims.
So how much did Rockstar have to pay in total?
I need to find a way to squeeze more money out of Rockstar.

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