Gus Van Sant's "Restless"

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Nov 19, 2010
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Has anyone else seen/heard about this film? Apparently it stars Dennis Hopper's son and the girl from Alice in Wonderland that looks interchangeable from every other blonde, generic, thin, young actress in movies now.


Is anyone else sick of these sickeningly quirky, manipulative, cynical little twee films? The recently released "Submarine" comes to mind. Two boring, generic "independent spirits" in nice clothes meet cute and banter with each other and along the way learn about life and love. To be honest, I'd actually be more interested in watching "the Transporter" than this dreck. At least a movie like that is honest and up front about what it is. Harold and Maude was made in 1971 and it is wonderful, Rushmore was made in 1998 and it is still fantastic. All these quirky, posturing teen dramas have been trying to ride their coat tails ever since.

I am actually re-evaluating my opinion of Gus Van Sant after this. I loved what he did with "Gerry", "Elephant" and "Last Days", but it looks like he's returning to his "Good Will Hunting" days. Ho Hum.

So, uh, what do you think?
As someone who experiences the paranormal, I'm eagerly anticipating it. The character seems like the kind of protagonist I can relate to. Also if you've seen the trailer - it doesn't seem to be sailing along a good weather course. She's dying.
Don't get me wrong, the idea for the film has great promise. The execution, from what I can see here, is a total turn off for me. Also a turn off, the smug, precocious, headstrong protagonist...who happens to have a quirky imaginary friend. It's just too much.

Of course, the fact that she's DYING of cancer and it's treated as a quirky, whimsical plot device is just such a Hollywood thing. Really disgusting.
1) I relate to smug, precocious, headstrong protagonists - because that's the kind of guy I am. I like seeing that in films. Some don't. Matter of opinion and relatablity.

2) I'd say that's more trailer editing than anything else. Do you really expect a trailer to show the more tragic scenes? Which given it's dealing with death, I'm sure there are. Look at the trailer for 'Everybody's Fine' for example. I have no idea how they can deal with death in a completely light hearted manner.

I'm pretty sure this trailer establishes the mood closer to what it'll be like:
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