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Happy Birthday, terry78


Not lactose, it's milk!
Oct 23, 2002
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I'm not sure if anyone knew, but today is Terry's birthday. So can we give it up for the brotha?
Happy Birthday Terry. I tried looking for a birthday pic for you of a Korean with a decent sized booty...but alas...such a thing doesn't exist on the internetz.

So I give what I can give:

Pics of a Korean/Black chick...Amerie


Happy birthday, Terry!!

I sent you some King Vitamin in the mail :up:
Happy Birthday! Have a really nice one.
Happy Birthday Terry.

For your birthday I bought you the ability to post the articles in the threads, not just the links. Enjoy it.
Happy Birthday Terry!

What are your plans?
Happy Birthday Terry, you're one funny dood :hehe: :woot:
Happy birthday, terry! I know you're really into jazz, so I've arranged a one on one visit with John Coltrane for you. The bad part is that he's dead and you'll be in his coffin with him. Enjoy, buddy!

Happy 40th Birthday, Terry. Here's the song I'm gonna play at your party:


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