The Dark Knight Harvey Dent Called Me!!/Calls Related to Dent (New Call on 4/18)


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Feb 14, 2008
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It was a recorded message saying if I want to help go to etc., I am shaking! So cool! I don't know why it didn't call my cell too. If it does I am going to try to record it!


Call on March 30 (Dent Refutes the Smear Campaign of CCFAABG/Asks For Our Continued Support)
Call on April 18 (Gotham City Voters Survey)
  • A call was received from the above listed entity, which posed six questions about your feelings as a voter about Harvey Dent. The slanted nature of the questions fielded led posters to believe the call was connected to Joseph Candoloro and CCFABG. You call dial the survey yourself at (877)777-6197. If you answer the questions with the following number sequence, 1,6,4,9,3,8, a hidden message is revealed.
Stay off your phones people, the calls should be coming!! WEEEEEE!!!!
Damn I left my Joker phone at work. :(
cool, I was hoping I wasn't the only member here to get a call yet.
wow yeah i was just watching tv and my phone rings with a 00000 number and its harvey dent! hell yeah!
what state are you guys in? I am in Indiana...I wonder why the calls are so random.
Is this just for the folks who got the cell phones from the cakes in the bakery viral?
no, if you submitted your phone number on the site last week, you should get a call.
does the message go directly to voice mail if you answer the call?
Yeah I was half asleep and mine just rang. It took me a min to realize what it was when I was listening to the message.
I'm not sure what you mean?
When I answered he Harvey just started talking.
Haha. On my cell's caller ID it said "0000000000" so I was like, "Shoot, is a sniper calling me from an untraceable number to tell me I am in his sights?"

Nope. It was Dent. I literally JUST finished the call like a minute ago. Crazy cool.
I just ment I was asleep when I got the call and it took a moment for my mind to kick in that it was the harvey dent message.
W0oT! Just got my call . We believe in you Harvey Dent, the citizens of Gotham are ready to take back their city!!! :applaud
Just got the call and it did not go directly to voice mail.
I've been a long time "watcher" of the viral campaign. But I actually got a call too! I was always late on the Joker (Which I was so sad about due to the fact he is my favorite villian ever!) part of the viral, but I'm so excited! HARVEY DENT CALLED ME!!!
Good ol' (000) 000-0000 just gave me a ring. :up:

I actually answered "Hello, Harvey?". I'm way too excited over a pre-recorded minute phone call. :D

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