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Help me with a name for my game


Oct 29, 2004
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...ooh that rhymes *cough* anyways for a project I'm doing I'm making a computer game, and I need help coming up with a name for it.

I'm making a top down space arcade type game (think asteroids etc).

The player has to guide their ship through asteroids and defeat enemy spaceships.

Any ideas? All names will be gratefully recieved as they have to be better than my working title at the moment of Space Fighters.....
Duende Verde said:
Asteroid + Terrorist = Asterrorist

That doesn't sound right.:csad:
Protect your spacebutt. :csad:
Ok... if you could focus more on the space element of the game rather then the asteroids in the game.

The main thing you do in the game is defeat enemy ships, not asteroids, they're just in for some variety.

Not that the suggested names weren't great.....

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