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I hate the Lip-Freaks!


Nov 19, 2004
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Relax and be yourselves for the camera, you self-aware tight-asses!






But the King was Clinton. He's so extreme he approaches the surreality of a Dali painting!



There's a ton of others that do it like Claire Forlani and Robert DeNiro has made a career of it, but I can't find any good pics.
If anyone else can, I'd appreciate it 'cause they piss me off and I'd like to stare at 'em all and feel superior and sane by comparison.
look at that last Clinton!
He's like saying, "Begone! you stinky peasants."
The one that bothers me most is that Olsen one. She's just doing it to look provocative. Others are doing it more unconciously so.
and we all know this Ogre that makes bread out of gound up baby bones.

yeah, I found a lot of those that are more subtle, didn't use 'em 'cause I thought people would say it's just a normal face, but WE know she's doing it there.

Jolie has some where she's doing it, but I knew some ninny would say, "No fair, she's just got naturally big lips!"

But I know she does it a lot.
I've thought about it.
Obviously the chicks are trying to pout to make their lips look fuller and more seductive (even though they just look pretentious and awkward)
But with the politicians, they know that nearly everything they say is a lie and that they're under constant scrutiny from the press, so I think subconsciously they're trying to erect a wall...a mask, to hide behind, 'cuse it's so stressful to be under the lights, bare, for all the world to see, while you're lying.
They can't hide their faces behind their hands during a press conference, so the lip creeps up as a barrier.

It also makes them feel tough and steadfast, creating the illusion of overwhelming leadership.

I hate it.
When it's done right by either sex, it can look good. For example, Jolie and Bale. I swear those 2 were meant to be freakin' together...it's Batman and Catwoman. :o
LOOK AT THAT PSYCHO!!! :confused:
Try walking around like that in your everyday life and see where it gets ya!
Wilhelm-Scream said:
LOOK AT THAT PSYCHO!!! :confused:
Try walking around like that in your everyday life and see where it gets ya!

Ive seen some girls do it. It's quite the scary thing.
Well I hate it because I had a really hot and smart girlfriend many years ago, and she was so adorable and intelligent and had a perfect body, but she had some effed up insecurity where, she'd be sitting there reading some Voltaire or somesuch crap, and she'd look amazing in the rosy light coming through the window, but right when she heard me walk in, she'd look up at me and think, "****, must look hot for Wilhelm!!!:eek:" and her face would instantly pucker into this bizarre super-model mask where she's all squinting and pursing and it was just so god-damned embarrassing that I couldn't stand to walk in to her room anymore.

Luckily she did not make the Bill Clinton face ever. :)

pretense sucks all y'all. :down
You should go to Myspace. There's tons of girls who do that pouting lip thing.
Haha...Jean Chretien is the Friggin Lip Freak King...






Who needs secret service, when you have Jean. He can take of anyone himself...


While I am at it, here is a constipated Paul Martin...

LOL...I'm not looking for ugly old men, I'm looking for EXTREME lip action, LOL
Those are funny. :)

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