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Mar 26, 2001
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Greetings all...
Curious on your opinions on the growth of the iPod Touch.

I am seriously thinking of getting one at the end of the year, because Apple is releasing the SDK to develop software for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Is this what you think will happen?

I love my iPod, but I would love to have some of the functionality that developed applications on the touch might get with the SDK release...
I might buy one this weekend. I'll post a review on what I thought.
I might buy one this weekend. I'll post a review on what I thought.

Please do so...
keep me in the loop on it if you would.
I am interested on what may be developed for the touch
I've had one since shortly after they came out (about October), and it's now joined my watch, cell phone, and wallet and glasses in the group of things I always have on me. I've never had anything resembling a palm pilot before, so the convenience of having the calendar and wi-fi access has been absolutely awesome. I'd definitely recommend one, especially if you don't have a palm pilot or something of the like.

I can definitely see some awesome things coming to the touch once they release that development software.
My current problem is the "Never buy a first gen iPod" quote.
I currently own a first gen iPod nano without video and I feel left out without the photo, music and video user enhancements of the newer iPods. I don't know if i should hold off until the 2nd gen release
It's a Software Developer Kit for the iPhone/iPod Touch that allows 3rd party apps without jailbreaking.
The gesture based device operation stuff that the iPhone and iPod Touch bring to the market place is interesting because, in it, I can see the death of the mouse with Apple leading the charge. Imagine a keyboard that allows you to control your mouse cursor with a bunch of gestures and movements. You never have to take your hands off your keyboard to get precision control over it anymore, eliminating the repetitive stress motion that comes with jumping back and forth between mouse and keyboard. No more mouse required. It will happen in time. Watch.

hey guys! I'm writing from my touch now and its super sweet!!!
If I would of said this before the 32GB and software update I would say they were ok but now I think there awesome I would recommend one hands down!
I gotta say, iTunes is an ok app, but it gets somewhat unresponsive at times...
iTunes is just an "okay" app on the Windows side. On the Mac side it's a fantastic application. :up: I believe the iPod Touch does use a version of iTunes, Malice, including the ability to purchase songs from the ITMS over a wi-fi connection (possibly even movies, too).

Jaguarr is right on a mac Itune is rockin ,but on pc its kinda slugish but you can pick up a itunes card and buy straight from there ,and also they are gonna have were you can go to starbucks and see what is playing over the speakers then you can buy it if you want witch I think is awesome!

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