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Ipod Touch to New ITunes


May 24, 2006
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My computer had a serious virus infection a week ago...I got it cleaned and completely wiped out...so i'm having to start fresh pretty much...My Ipod Touch holds a ton of songs and my paid for apps and everything...How do I get my files on to my new ITunes without a program with risky virus issues?
Also is it as simple as pressing Transfer Purchases when Itunes comes up when I plug my Ipod in? I know I should never press sync cause it will erase my files...I need help fast though cause I leave for vacation soon and I need this baby in the plane!
If all of your music is purchased through iTunes and you press the transfer purchases button you should be good.
Otherwise, you're screwed.:(
^Not quite true. If you search Google, there's plenty of programs that will transfer your music from your ipod to your computer. I'm just not sure of any free ones though.
i just found a program on download.com!
im gonna see if it works!
Just a heads up. I just found out that Apple added a "Purchased" section to the itunes store. You can now re download your music, tv shows, books, and apps.
Yes, they introduced this also with their new iCloud service. Anything purchased from apple can now be downloaded again for free without the hassle of having to contact iTunes. But you can also find programs that will pull of all music from your iPod, including music and items not purchased from the iTunes store.
I guess the real question is...why are you downloading from Itunes anyway when Amazon is far better for music downloads. :)
Why are you downloading from Amazon when you can get it free?
Because I like to support the artists I like.
If they're artists, why isn't it free?

I get supporting indie or small labels, but capitol records, or warner brothers, metallica, the beatles, pass.

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