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Oct 24, 2004
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In the gritty world of the NYPD, no one's tougher than Det. Robert Ironside (Blair Underwood, "The Event," "In Treatment"). He's a fearless cop who won't stop until the guilty are brought to justice. He and his trusted, handpicked team of specialists — Virgil (Pablo Schreiber, "The Wire" "Lights Out"), Holly (Spencer Grammer, "Greek," "As the World Turns") and Teddy (Neal Bledsoe, "Smash," "Ugly Betty"), as well as his former partner Gary (Brent Sexton, "The Killing") and boss Det. Ed Rollins (Kenneth Choi, "Sons of Anarchy") — will do whatever it takes to solve New York's most difficult and notorious crimes. As a detective, Ironside's instincts are second to none, and those around him have to stay on their toes if they want to keep up... because when his spine was shattered by a bullet two years ago, Ironside swore he'd never let a wheelchair slow him down. Nothing gets in his way.



I used to watch re-runs of the Raymond Burr version, they seem to have changed quite a lot but I might give it a try.
I'll be watching this... Underwood has the chops, but he can't carry a TV show on his own. There's gotta be top notch writing.
If it wasn't for Underwoods line "sometimes you see things from a different perspective down here" I might have given this a shot.
first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer

This reboot will never compare to the original

I'll be watching this... Underwood has the chops, but he can't carry a TV show on his own. There's gotta be top notch writing.

I don't agree with that assessment, but this just looks goddamn uninteresting. So CBS.

That said, like Chicago Fire, it might actually do well.
Currently watching the second episode. Still uninteresting and unimaginative. Take out the wheelchair, change a few lines (instead of being in a wheelchair the guy could just be really short for all the difference it would make) and it's pretty much any other procedural with a "tough as nails" detective who leads an "elite squad" while gaining the "respect and admiration" etc.

And of course he's something of a lady's man (hot sort-of girlfriend, hot ex-girlfriend too pre-wheelchair) while his ex-partner is a drunk with problems who blames himself for his partner's injury. Just about every cliche in the book is hit in this series so far. He even gives his captain **** and gets away with it while he's breaking all kinds of laws (abusive treatment of prisoners, threats, the usual).

If this series isn't cancelled already I think it will be by next week.

Which is a disappointment because it was so loaded with potential and a chance to shake things up with the typical procedural. I think the actors are above it so I don't know why they are here except the paycheck.

And there's the controversy of Blair Underwood not being a genuine paraplegic. I'll give them credit for casting a black man in the role but I also see they weren't interested in pushing this series too far past that. Like I said, uninteresting, uninspiring.
Sadly it is. And if the third episode doesn't do something more than "look at the tough stereotypical detective... in a wheelchair!" then it'll also be my last.

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