J.H. Williams III interview


May 15, 2003
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This past Wednesday we interviewed J.H. Williams III. That interview is on our website, http://www.theacmecomics.com/escapepod/page1.html and www.theacmecomics.com. We talked about the work he has done, the process when creating, and got him to reveal some answers about a certain female bat character. In addition to that, he talked about his experiences with Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. Please take the time to listen and enjoy! If the show doesn't play on the site, click "the powered by odeo" link below the player and listen to the show there.
It's all good, please listen to J.H. Williams III talk about Batman, Grant morrison, Alan Moore, Crossing Midnight, Promethea, and Batwoman.
I'm glad that your here. Just using my freedom to express myself. I'm a huge comic fan, and got a chance to interview my favorite artist. I thought to do a post.
It comes off as shameless self promoting. You know why? Because the only time you seem to post is when you want someone to listen to one of your interviews. It's basically spam, in my eyes.
That's great to hear negative man. There are artists and writers who post samples here on the boards all the time. I guess that's spam in your eyes as well. I'm not really self promoting. I'm promoting the talented J.H. Williams III and bring awareness to his work. If that was not the case I would title this thread An interview by The Acme Comics Escape Pod. I guess we all can't win. Do try to check out the pod cast when you come to terms.
Everybody here is well aware of J.H. Williams, friend.
*sits back* *watches* *eats popcorn*
Yeah, pretty much so just take some time out of your day and listen to the show. We know who he is, but this is indepth. We learn his process when creating and some tidbits about Batwoman.
if anybody else had put the link up to the interview it wouldn't be a problem?
why does it matter if he's self promoting, as long as its on-topic, and reasonably informative?

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