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Jesus's *****, a Story of Outrage!



A CONTROVERSIAL piece of artwork has been blasted by a Christian group - because it depicts Jesus with an erect penis.
The statue is one of 74 plaster models in exhibition 'Gone, Yet Still' by Chinese-born artist Terence Koh, which features sculptures from Michelangelo’s David to ET.
The artwork is being exhibited by the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead which was earlier embroiled in controversy when it was at the centre of a child porn probe over one of its works.
Evangelical group Christian Voice expressed outrage at the work, calling it blasphemous and saying it had created a “storm” of protest.
Christian Voice National Director Stephen Green fumed: "It's the Lord Jesus Christ being humiliated, ridiculed and villified.
"It's just so disgusting, pornographic and offensive, it's hard to find words to express the outrage.
"I have written asking for the statue's destruction."
Mr Green was planning to protest outside the gallery this weekend.
But the arts centre still plans to keep the exhibition open until the end of its run on January 20.
A gallery spokesman said: “Koh is trying to explain all the things which have meant something to him.
“It is a sort of mausoleum.”



Jesus! That thing is huge!
I am sorry but a person that gives jesus an erection is just looking for attention.
How long has it been since the Son's had some? I think all that pent up sexual angst is just coming out now.
I told you Jesus was black.
I get the feeling the story of this guy's childhood is a creepy one. :dry:
WTF!? Who puts Jesus and a ***** together in a cohesive thought process and then decides to make art out of it??? It doesn't reflect anything spiritual, political, social, or ethical...so I am at a loss of words.
which features sculptures from Michelangelo’s David to ET.

God I hope they have boners too. That better be this guy's gig, taking fameous people and putting boners on them.

Ghandi...with a *****!

Queen Elizabeth...with a *****!

Batman...with a *****!

It doesn't even look like a *****. It looks like someone stuck some putty on their crotch. :down
^He's Chinese they don't even know what a soft penis looks like, much less a *****.. They probably depict it as a dragon or something. :o
So what was the artist's intent in creating these sculptures? Is it a statement on sexuality? Censorship? Explain yourself, ***** sculptor.

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