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Jim Butcher's Dresden Files "Welcome to the Jungle"


Jan 29, 2008
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Anyone read Jim Butcher's novels. Here are some colored pages from the original Dresden Files "Welcome to the Jungle" adaptation written by Jim Butcher, enjoy :)


Cool, I didn't know they were making comics of The Dresden Files. I actually liked the TV show a lot. I recall hearing that the books are much different, but I'll give this a try. Any idea when it's coming out?
The TV show was great! I own the Book Series. That were I got the "Semiautomajick" in my sig :up:

I'm going to have to find these and buy the hell out of them.
I wonder if he uses the hockey stick more in this. I liked the idea of a hockey stick as his magic staff a lot, but he rarely used it in the TV series.
I'm really happy you like what you see my friends :) The first issue will be out April 16, please go and check with your local retailer, they're waiting for your order ;)

Jim Butcher is writing this original Dresden story "Welcome to the Jungle", he has final approval over everything so things are being done as he envisions them. For more Dresden artwork you can check out my website, enjoy :)

Nice. The wife and I liked the series...we picked up a couple of the novels but haven't had time to read them yet. I'll keep an eye out for the comic.
Thank you C. Lee my friend, I really appreciate your support, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you and your wife finish reading it :)

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