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Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you salvation


2 E's are better than 1
Dec 31, 2005
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Salvation from the evil of Erzengel, and DBella. Firstly, Erzengel. Part Asian and part German. Hmm. Axis of evil anyone? Take a look at this clever spy photo I managed to snag:


Shocking, I know. Take a breath.

Now for Bella, take a gander at this-


Do you really want your President running around topless? Wait, I forgot where I am. I'm sure X-Chick would be willing. And I'm topless right now. Rawr.

So my point is, this Tuesday, don't vote for the Pearl Harbor bombing youngling killing prequel loving Nazi, or the pretty girl with loose morals. Vote for Mee, and X-Chick, my pretty girl with loose morals.

Thank you for your time. God bless.
Erz called me a dumkauf...so there goes my support for him :cmad:
But x-chick won't post a pic of herself to use in your campaign...so to hell with you guys too :down
I may not vote for Bella because she does not share her topless pics... :(
erzengel loves the prequels:down: thats like kicking a baby
If one of the candidates actually posted a vid of themselves kicking a baby...they'd have my vote for sure.
mee ... go ahead do it , but i cant watch
Heck yes he will.

Who wants to have my baby?
Your backhanded smear tactics will not work on me, good sir. :o
It's the nature of the beast. They came out smearing, I had to fight back. The difference is, being a reporter, I've got credibility.

Squirrels Erz? You hate cute, innocent little critters? Have you no soul? :csad:
"Mee is a poster all you young posters should all strive to be like."


posted in the mee birthday thread



Begun, the election war has.
Hey, I've had people vote for me before too buddy :cmad:


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