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Ladies and gentlemen...I give you...THE FLASH!


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Aug 9, 2000
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I was in the JLA casting thread, and I noticed the biggest complaint about Reynolds is that he is too cliche for the role. So I decided to think outside of the box and the perfect actor for the role hit me. James Roday. Star of Psych on USA. Watch Psych, you can see so many elements of the Flash inside of his character Shawn Spencer. He has the talent, has great comedic delivery for the Flash's one liners. I not known enough that he will over shadow the role but also, Psych is popular enough that no one will say "Who the hell is he?" (especially since its going to be on NBC this winter due to the writer strike). He is pretty much the ideal choice.

What do you guys think? Shall we start a Draft Roday Movement?
sounds good to me, i don't know of this show you speak of but his look is pretty decent
yeah why not.. he look like the flash. Don't really know him but if he does a bit of weight lifting than he should be ok.
I think he could be a good Wally. On Psyche, he has that cocky personality that I see in Wally in the comics.
Also on Psych he's had those manic times when it seems he could pull off the Flash.
He's a good actor that plays funny without seeming to force it so I guess he could. We would have to see how tall he really is though, he seems a bit short on his show.
Wow, you know, that is a GREAT idea. He is a perfect candidate for Wally West. However, Ryan Reynolds is still ahead of him because of his height and physique (no homo, of course).
I voted "not my first choice"

I love Psych in a guilty sorta way. roday has good comedic timing. He could do better with better punchlines.
Crap, I thought this was a genuine Flash announcement...

I've never watched Roday before, but I'd be open to seeing what he could do with the role.
I agree that Roday has great comedic delivery...I'd also give him a chance with the role if it ever happend. He is a great candidate for Wally.
I like him, he is very funny. Great timing.
Along with Psych he was also in a movie called Rolling Kansas where he played a very different character than he plays in Psych.
He also is more of an unknown name than Reynolds.
And even though he is probably a nice guy and a good actor, Reynolds sometimes can get on my nerves in comedies. Maybe he wouldn't though in a Flash film.
This actor, Roday, could look the part too if he was allowed time to bulk up like Tobey Maguire did for Spider-Man.
Lame misleading thread title.

Roday obviously hasn't been cast as the Flash in anything.
And here I was all excited to hear about the new Flash movie. Bah... Roday might be funny in the Psych show, but he'd just turn any superhero movie into an Adam West camp goof-fest.
And here I was all excited to hear about the new Flash movie. Bah... Roday might be funny in the Psych show, but he'd just turn any superhero movie into an Adam West camp goof-fest.

Wouldn't that be more on the writers than Roday?
Oh hell yeah!

My only exposure to the Flash is the early 90s series and JL/JLA. I dont really remember much about the live action series, but Roday seems like the perfect choice to embody the Flash from the cartoon.

He and Dulé Hill are hilarious on Psych.
He's not my first choice, but he'd be passable. he's not even my second or 3rd choice but i would be willing to see Roday as Flash to say he's a good choice.
So, it would seem like JLA is in production hell. Perhaps Flash will get his own movie, in which case Roday is the perfect headliner. :up:
The look he could pull off, I've never watched his show so I don't know about his acting.
i dont know if he's right for flash, ive watched psych and i like it but idk if he's flash

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