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Age of Extinction Main Villain for Transformers 4


Aug 1, 2012
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While waiting for further updates on Transformers 4, lets take a moment and think back to the events from Dark of the Moon.

Remember when Michael Bay said that the film's main villain was going to be Shockwave?

Well he lied by making Sentinel Prime the bad guy by betraying the autobots over attempts of restoring Cybertron and none of us found out why he would do that. Just for that, we want to make sure that Michael chooses a decepticon other than Galvatron for the main villain in Transformers 4 and for that main villain to be the decepticon responsible for overwhelming Sentinel into betraying his allies and this is the one that Bay should use!


Skyquake is the leader of the Predators and is said to be nastier than Megatron.

Now take a look at this concept art of what Skyquake should look like in Transformers 4


Skyquake would definately fit as the #1 villain of the whole film series by leading the decepticons into attacking human soldiers and wiping them out along with every military base and operations there so that no one will interfere with their battles with the autobots and that they would gain an easier chance of establishing the survival of their race.

Here is what Skyquake should transform into


With that form, Skyquake could take out almost an entire army or base run by human operatives by dropping a barrage of bombs on them.

And for Skyquake's voice to sound perfect, here is the man perfect enough to voice him:


Lance is the same guy that voiced Lockdown in Transformers Animated and with that deeply dark voice of his, he would easily pull of voicing the villain in Transformers 4 for sure!
I don't want a new villain. I want Megatron back as the main villain.
I cant see any plausible way Megatron can come back this time, his head was ripped in half and torn from his body, so for me it would have to be Thunderwing.
Yeah, plus Megatron wasn't around during the Space Race so Skyquake it is!
And once again, the main villain was a choice nobody was expecting, The Fallen, Sentinel Prime and now Lockdown, the writers have been realy going through much trouble to not use the bots people are expecting, in least the Quintessons and Unicron are being hyped.

It's a shame we don't get many mentions of past villains besides Megatron, The Fallen and Sentinel Prime could easily get some connections to what's going on, would be able to hype the new villains more if even these power houses were afraid.

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