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Marketplace Rules and FAQ

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Basic Rules

  • SHH! is not responsible for any trades or sales, and will not mediate in any disputes. All trades are made with goodwill in mind, but come with no guarantee.
  • User must be a member of SHH! for at least 60 days before they can promote their products.
  • Each member may have only one trade/sale thread open at any given time per sub-forum.
  • If you add new titles, edit your main post and then generate a "bump" post to get your thread back to the top.
    Please limit it to One 'bump' a day
    . A day is assumed to be 24hrs.
  • Users must link to outside sites displaying their sale items. (examples: Etsy, Ebay, Mercari, Blu-ray.com, Amazon, FB Marketplace, etc)
    This also helps provide another source to prove credibility.
  • Users are not allowed to sell/trade/buy or request items before their official release date.
  • Users are not allowed to trade or sell bootlegged or stolen merchandise.
  • Do not post negative remarks on other members trade threads. If the price is too high or the requests are absurd, don't reply as no activity will alert that member no one is interested.
  • Do Not Trade or Sell any item you do not have in your possession. Selling an item then trying to source it is not acceptable. This is for personal use only (both buyer and seller).
  • When item sells, please delete item from post or UPDATE post to state "SOLD" or "GONE" (NOT MANDATORY as one may want to show proof of sales/reliability).
Digital Copy Sales
  • Please be aware that the SHH! or its Moderation cannot confirm whether a digital code was valid or not at the time of sale/trade.
  • Strictly only Digital Copies (iTunes, VUDU, UV, etc)
  • CLEARLY state what type of DCis being sold - if the DC can be used with more medium (e.g. iTunes, VUDU, Movies Anywehere) then must state what versions is being sold
    If user does not state what version, it will be assumed that the code is the FULL CODE
    ("FULL CODE" means that literally no redemption has been made using said code on ANY participating service.)
  • MUST state the country that the DC is from - NOTE: a DC from Canada will NOT work in another country UNLESS someone has a Canadian iTunes account for example
  • When item sells, please delete item from post
  • Users are not allowed to sell/trade/buy or request items before their official release date.
  • Do not disrupt the thread by complaining or attacking about selling prices. If a user would like to try and negotiate prices, best rule of practice is to take it to PMs.
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