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Jul 25, 2007
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List all the counterparts that you can think of.

Superman - Sentry
Batman - Moon Knight
Wonder Woman - She Hulk
Flash - Quicksilver
Aquman - Namor
Starfire - Ms. Marvel
Dr. Fate - Dr. Strange
Killer Croc - Lizard
Catwoman - Black Cat
Daily Planet - Daily Bugle
Perry White - J. Jonah Jameson
Jimmy Olsen - Peter Parker
Darkseid - Thanos
Doomsday - Hulk
Solomon Grundy - Juggernaut
Elongated Man - Mr. Fantastic
Atom - Ant-Man
Hawkman - Angel
Green Arrow - Hawkeye
Black Canary - Mockingbird
Lady Shiva - Elektra
Nightwing - Daredevil
Lex Luthor - Iron Man
Bruce Wayne - Tony Stark
Robin - Bucky
Zatanna - Scarlet Witch
Circe - Enchantress
Icicle - Iceman
Joker - Green Goblin
Bane - Crossbones
Livewire - Electro
Deadpool -Deathstroke
Supergirl - M
Blue Beetle I - Spider-Man
Red Tornado - Vision
Captain Stacy -Commission Gordon
Tinkerer -Lucius Fox
I'd equate Lex Luthor more to Dr. Doom & Iron Man more to Cyborg or Steel.
Maybe this is just me, but I see Batman more like Daredevil than Moon Knight.
Machine man- robot man
guardian -captain america
Killer Croc - Lizard
Joker - Green Goblin

Just wanted to comment on those two. Lizard is more akin to DC's Man-Bat if you think about it, and while I do see the connections with GG and Joker, I'd liken Joker to Carnage (I never said he was a GOOD Marvel Joker, but he was created to be part Venom, part Joker).
I wouldn't consider She-Hulk wonder woman's counterpart. There not much alike in personality and there powers are way different. I don't really think She-Hulk has a counterpart in the DC U. They have been pictured fighting each other from time to time but Rouge, Thundra, M, Magick and Various other mutants are a lot closer to who she is and what she does. Wonder Woman does not party-She Hulk pretends to be hungover.

Icicle-Ice man.
doesn't DC have a spider-man ripoff that's a villain?
Some are very obvious .....Aquaman/Sub-Mariner, Flash/Quicksilver etc. but I have a few that I see ;
Batman/Iron Man
Magneto/Black Adam
Wonder Woman/Valkyrie
Nova/Green Lantern (Kyle)
I think I'm looking more at personality, motivation, and some other similar character traits than just powers.
I mean if you considered superhero status in their respective universes
you could say Captain America/Superman
I know Flash and Quicksilver have the similar powers, but I don't see them as being similar at all personality-wise.
Agreed...that is their only similarity. Pietro is more like Guy Gardner personality-wise.

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