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Mobile OS Wars

Lily Adler

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Aug 24, 2011
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Semi-inspired by the Cell Phone Junkies Thread, I wanted to make a new one solely about mobile OSes. Thanks mostly to the ongoing war for marketshare with the current duopoly of Android and iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry competing for third, and the emergence of some very exciting newcomers such as Ubuntu Touch, Tizen, and Firefox OS; I wondered which preference do Hypesters hold to a certain one and why. Is it stability and intuitiveness? Is it brand recognition and reliability of said brand? Or is it perhaps you just plain like it?

The poll above features the current Big Four: Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, with Other possibly being either Symbian, MeeGo, or WebOS.
Some pics to look at:







Windows Phone

android. i don't think any other OS provides flexibility, reliability, and third party support in one package.
My first smart phone was a Samsung Omnia Windows Mobile 6/6.5 phone. The interface and customization that could be done was just phenomenal because it was very PC-like. Plus, it's what really got me addicted to flashing custom ROM's every chance I had, and tinkering with the phone as much as I could.

Android pre-ICS, and even GB, was an extension of that, IMO, so it was a natural change when I switched over. So that's been my choice at the moment.

I was waiting for Windows Phone to wow me, but the lack of customization and many other limitations drove me away from it. The same goes for iOS, which hasn't really evolved all that much, IMO, and although the interface is nice and works extremely well, it's too simple for my tastes.
Maybe I'm a charitable person, but I have this quirk-some habit of wanting to try unpopular or dead OSes. I've been tempted to go buy an N8, N9, HP Pre to try out some of them.

I like Windows Phone, because of the attractive Metro UI, so simplistic, similar reason why I like iOS. But I do fond a more customizable OS which is why I also enjoy Android. If my Lumia dies or MS gives up on WP then I will surely go back to the green bot.
Played with my friend's new Nokia 808 Pureview and I found Symbian Belle quite enjoyable to use. I'm shocked to say that because I've heard many negative things about it. It's not cutting edge but I like it. :)



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