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Movies In The MCU I Would Do Differently


Oct 25, 2017
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IRON MAN 3: Maya is the Mandarin, not Killian. The 10 rings effect on Tony becoming Iron Man is explored. The trauma of what happened in TA is Maya's motivation, to create a superpowered human race so that they would reject superheroes and be able to protect themselves. Extremis is more like nanotech crafted from the biological/cybernetic components of the chitauri left from the battle of new-york. Maya has the ten rings, which is made from alien tech. Maya doesn't die, but is locked up.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD: the Dark Elves were the slaves of Odin's father Bor, who rebelled and planned to use the aether to empower themselves and place themselves as a superior kingdom to Asgard's tyranny. Maliketh was once a noble rebel, but became bitter and cold in his leadership. This is meant to parallel Thor and Thor seeing Odin get that way later in his anger at Frigga's death to take down Maliketh too. Maliketh is behind the nine realms erupting into chaos and when the right allignments happen he uses them to suck Jane into the realm where the aether is because he knows that no one can enter that area and leave, and this forces Thor to use the bifrost to pull her out, getting the aether out too, which is absorbed into Jane still. Less comedy. Same scene at the end with Thor and Odin, but without the Loki reveal. Cut to Jane waiting and Thor coming back and him and Jane kiss. Then cut to Asgard as we see Odin walking down into the prison cells, where we see the real Odin locked up and we reveal here that he's Loki. End. Then do the Collector PC scene still.

AGE OF ULTRON-Open with Avengers fighting other superpowered people though lower leveled than Wanda and Pietro. Ultron wants to turn humanity into emotionless drones, a perfect race in his mind as a reflection of his self-loathing, which comes from Tony using his brain scan as a template for Ultron's AI. Ultron isn't jokey, but more serious, rather a reflection of Tony's darkest aspects, Ultron is very calm and collected but prone to angry outbursts, think stripping away the humor Tony uses to try and cope with his issues. Banner's abusive dad and the murder of his mom is explored, with him coming to understand that he and Hulk are the same person. No deep romance with Banner/Natasha, just a liking that doesn't work. Steve, having seen what Bucky was used for wonders if all he is is a soldier now. Thor comes to embrace being human, having been afraid of his power for destruction and unwilling to do real damage to humans. Betty should be in it. Vision is made by Ultron using JARVIS as apart of his perfect being approach to use against the Avengers and destroy them. Vision fights them and is subdued by Wanda. Tony runs off on his own still after capturing Vision, only this time to course correct far into the other direction by destroying him and has to be convinced not to. Natasha comes to terms with her ability to help people, not for redemption because she knows her actions can't achieve that on their own but because she does just wants to help people. Clint has gotten his life together after TA, not before, gotten married since and has a baby on the way. Spider-Man is the 2nd PC scene.

RAGNAROK-Loki is the one who abducts Banner and sends him to Sakkar. Loki enacted a treaty that Loki supplying Sakkar with fighters would ensure the protection of Asgard by Grandmaster from threats. Them getting to Sakkar isn't an accident. The Warriors 3, along with Sif, are bannished from Asgard by Loki, so they aren't killed by Hela. Explain more that her and Thor's powers are a bloodline thing. Odin stopped being warrior, because he killed Loki's mother and we see the flipside of the scene from the first Thor and show that Hela is there when Odin finds Loki under his mother's corpse after Odin had killed her, thinking she was holding a weapon only to find that it was just a baby and realizes what he's become, and we see him imprison Hela here when she revolts against Odin's claims for peace and calls him an old man and a fool and tries to kill Loki. Loki will somehow discover this and realize that Odin saw him as a chance for redemption, and after that and Thor inspiring him to Loki decides to fight for Asgard. Thor convinces Hulk to transform into Banner and convinces Banner, Loki and Valkerie to help him and inspires the people to fight back against Hela's army. Along with Skurge. Odin's speech, which is something Thor must unlock in his mind as an implanted memory, has Odin tell him that he's accomplished more than he ever could without being a tyrant and that Thor is the wiser king than him. Same ending.
I think Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 are the ones which could have most benefited from having different plots. Iron Man 2 could've introduced us to Ultron, rather than leaving all of his developing in Avengers 2. The strength of having Loki as the Avenger's villain was that we had faced him before. Ultron could have been created by Tony to defeat the Mandarin but eventually Ultron goes insane and is seemingly defeated, lurking as a virus on the internet before eventually resurging.

For Thor 2 I would have loved to see the Enchantress as the main villain. We could have seen her use the reality stone more akin to how it was used in Infinity War. As it was, the Aether was a fairly generic MacGuffin. It almost feels like it was retconned into being the reality stone. It would have been cool to see Enchantress using the stone to bring her illusions to life.
Change Spidey into a 30 year old married to Mary Jane just to have the One More Day story be the follow up to Civil War and see the Internet explode.
I would definitely not change up any films in the MCU because they have all been perfect but the only exceptions that I would probably even remotely think about changing are Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World but that is about it
I would do the first two Thor movies very differently. More LOTR esque for sure
Iron Man 2 changed to a SHIELD movie.
Captain America films I wouldn't change at all because First Avenger and Winter Soldier were damn near perfect and you can't really change Civil War either because those films were damn impressive

Avengers 2 I would definitely change but the only thing I would change about it is keeping Quicksilver alive; I wouldn't have killed him off because I would have loved to have seen Aaron Taylor Johnson reprise his role in Civil War but also see which side he would be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man and or I would have loved to have seen him also in Infinity War as well
I’d keep Quicksilver’s death because Aaron Johnson is terrible in Age of Ultron.
I would have more of a pulpy feel for the first captain America movie, closer to brubakers run

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