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My version Batsuit/Alternate Nightwing



Just a couple of suits I did for halloween. Let me know what you guys think.






Hey, aren't you a member of the LOH boards? I'm not a member, but I've been going there almost 2 years. I love the quality of work on there, that's why I never join, my costumes aren't up to par lol.

I'm so glad you posted these, cause I remember seeing the Batman one on LOH board. I just want to say your Batman one is fantastic. I love the design of it. I actually like it better than the movie suits and even some of the comic suits. I wish they'd go in that direction for a movie. Mindblowing costume you got there. Your Nightwing is awesome as well. It the design reminds me of robin, yet it's new and sleek. Amazing work. I love them.

Maybe one day, I'll join the LOH and post what i have, but till then, Welcome to the Hype!
Don't really care for the Nightwing design, but the Batman one looks good(minus the lenses)
Batman looks awsome but the lenses don't really work. Is that the BB belt on Nightwing though?

Both costumes looks good though. One suggestion, maybe lose all the grey trim on the BatSuit? Like around the pouches and underwear. Just an idea...
I think it's great when fans get creative & both costumes look really good...Nice Job!
Well I tried it with out the grey and it just looked flat and uninteresting. Just a black shape. And as far as the lenses go, I wanted to emulate the comic look of the night vision lenses. The bare eye thing is ok, but not high tech enough. Compact night vision is out there and I believe it would be incorporated. Not to mention the hassle of eye makeup.
They were made using leather/pleather and various stuff found at thrift stores. Each cost about 60 bucks to make.
Oh ok, fair point, maybe try it with the canvas pouches? Like a good belt that you have for Nightwing?

Other then that the suit looks good, I see what you're getting at for the eyes, it's a need for practicality versus stylization!
The pouches are small belt tackle boxes from Walmart. Fully functional to carry wallet, cell, keys, ect. I'm not going for cannon with this. It's my own take on what I would do. Style with functionality. If I didn't want to copy what came before. I'm going in a different direction. The BB belt isn't really functional. No room to carry the necessities.
Argh I see, it's still really good man, I mean I wouldn't get anywhere near that.

Good job.
The Batman suit is nice, but I'd go with a longer cape, eliminate the belt and legs bats and add some shoulder padding.
That Batsuit is fantastic. If you reversed the blue and the black on the torso of the Nightwing suit, then that would be equally fantastic. :)
The problem with a longer cape is the stepping-on-the-damn-thing disease that it attracts.
Yeah didn't Bale comment on that? That he'd throw a punch and end up entrapped in the cape?

Like in The Incredibles, they got rid of capes 'cause they kept getting sucked into jet engines...
Dude that nightwing suit above isnt that great, i would stick with the blue bird not a gold one, and get rid of the cape and just have those gliding things under his arms
It's a fansuit, having a glider under the arms would be decidedly difficult, and don't be so quick to bash my friend, unless you're going to post a picture of your complete Nightwing suit?
I don't believe he was bashing, he just stated his opinion. If you don't want to hear both positive and negative opinions, then posting them online isn't the thing to do.
Thanks for the defense. I don't mind constructive criticism, although "not that great" wouldn't have been the way I would have put it. It is a knee-jerk reaction, when someone is less than kind with a critique to say "well what have you done?", or similar things. I, myself find it kind of irritating to suffer a negative comment on a project from some one who has never endeavored even glued tow sticks of wood together.
On the other hand just because someone can't create doesn't mean they can't like something. I can't draw a lick, but i can tell you whether or not i like certain art work.
All I can say is, I appreciate the comments either way because i create to fulfill my own vision, so in the end I'm the only person i need to satisfy.

(steps off soap box)
*Steps onto soap-box*

Yeah i'm sorry, it was a bit of a knee-jerk from me to criticize him. I just felt that since you'd taken the time to make this costume, and had the guts to post it online you deserved something better than 'not that great'

Still, back to topic, got any other costumes in development?
i really love that batsuit. the fact that it's a fansuit and is far superior to most of the suits seen on screen is very impressive, whilst slightly depressing, in a sense that is in no way a poor reflection of you or your work.

if that makes sense.....
I understand, that a guy can make a better suit in his backroom then a team of highly skilled and dedicated specialists working with an almost unlimited budget...
I'm thinking about making a Robin out fit. Probably the all red version, with my own flare, of course.
Care to give us a detailed "how I did it"? lol...I particularly would like to know about the Batman suit cuz it looks like u got armor or some sort of padding underneath the main area...which looks awesome to me
Well, since you asked so nicely....
Ok, to start with let me state a rule for the budding costumer: thrift stores are your best friend. 90% of the bat suit was put together from thrift store fare. I went down a bought all the leather and pleather coats and pants I could find that fit me. I then took everything apart with a seam ripper and scissors, except for the base top (jacket). That i just took off the sleeves. I took sleeves from another coat, with stretchier pleather, and attached them backwards onto the top. "Backwards?' you say. After putting a length of shoe lace on the zipper i'd put the top on backwards and pull. Vio'la! just like a wet suit. I also sewed a piece of the pleather at the crotch so it REALLY looked like a wet suit.

The leather pants were cut apart and glued to spandex pants.


So far, all thrift store stuff. I also found a pair of boots (women's) there and cut the top part of to make spats that would go over what ever shoes/boots i wanted to wear.The gloves were 6 bucks (thrift store as well).
Useing more pleather, I made a hood, to which attached BB 3/4 cowl from Rubie's and used more pleather to cover the edge.



The forearm guards are stock Nike pads with cut and painted Foamies craft foam glued to them. the buck bat and boot bats are painted foamies, as well.


The web belt and buckel were bought at Joanne's Fabrics. The pouches you know about, and the cylinders between them are Dollar Tree bubble solution containers sprayed with Plasti-Dip.


And last, but not least, the chest emblem is painted pleather, glued on.
The armor, underneath, is cut sections of Foamie.


The cape was made using a cloak pattern then cutting the scallops.

Any questions?

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