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NASA Space app Challenge Concept Award


Dec 3, 2005
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Vangelis lukewarm, Panagiotis Bajrami, Manthos Papamathaiou, Themistocles Karafasoulis, Lydia Polyzou Harris-Cleo Koraka, Sotirios Panayiotou Agisilaos Zisimatos and Alfred-Panagiotis Damkalis transformed into ... Popeye Planting Mars spinach (and collects oxygen).

Together, they planned in detail in hackerspace.gr a ​​peculiar hothouse for growing plants without soil that can function properly in adverse conditions of a possibly our future destination. The open source of "Popeye on Mars" is available on github.

The aeroponic greenhouse them, Popeye on Mars, won first place in the category «Best Mission Concept», the international innovation competition of NASA.

The design is available as open source and is available on github (https://github.com/hsgr/pom/wiki)

Application "Popeye in Mars" stood out among 770 proposals submitted by groups formed 9,000 people to participate in the challenge addressed to them by the U.S. Agency for Space NASA International Space App Challenge 2013.

The International Space App Challenge 2013 is NASA's annual event held the weekend April 20-21, 2013 in 83 cities of the world. In Athens, organized by the Association of Amateur Astronomers (FDs) and hackerspace.gr. The productive weekend resulted, the creation of «Popeye on Mars».




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