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Nathan For You


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Apr 16, 2006
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I LOVE this show. Anyone else watching?

''There's a goat in the water''
I gotta watch the latest episode.

Poo ice-cream. I think I would try it.
Last nights season 2 premier was pure gold! Glad to have this show back. The exorcist banishing the back pain demons had me rolling. Also when he was disputing the lie detector about *********ing to internet porn it had me rolling! Can't wait to see what he has in store for us this season
This is seriously one of the funniest things on TV. Everyone needs to be watching this
The failed dead pet venture from last season was gold.

'Sorry I died.' :hehe::hehe:
I died when he brought in the $7k giant tombstone tonight! I really couldn't stop laughing the whole episode. And giving the focus group free reign then going back to that ***hole from last season was hilarious. Love this show
just finished up the second season, this is definitely the funniest thing on tv right now.
Is anyone else watching this still? I think this might be the funniest show I've ever watched.
Been forever since this show was on. I watched the celebration special from last week, and it had some good callbacks. Loved the host from the bachelor episode who wanted to clarify about his threesome after Nathan cut him off back on that episode. New season officially starts this week. Should be good!
Last week's ep was pretty good, especially the interactions between Nathan and the guy he paid to change his name to Michael Richards.
We're back to shorter segments. Really did feel sympathetic toward the wart guys.

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