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Need advice buying an HDTV for gaming and movies.


Oct 3, 2010
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Originally was going for a cheap Visio 32in, but have decided to go bigger. Anything from 37-50 will work. Budget is $1500. Don't really need all those fancy internet programs and all that.

Don't want that blur effect during videogames, so I'm guessing I need something with a high refresh rate and low input lag? Also would be cool if I could plug in my flashdrive or harddrive directly to the tv and play movies on it. Picture in picture would be nice as well.

I'm also assuming I need an additional soundbar for good audio?
I have an LG55 inch LED HDTV. I bought mine for 1800 a couple of years ago, so I'm sure it can be found in your price range. It handles my X-Box great with games. If you do experience the lag effect where you move the controller then a couple of seconds the character moves they have a setting in the control panel to compensate for that. I have no blur effect and Blu-Ray movies look amazing on it. I don't think it has the ethernet port though. I'm not sure and I can't check right now since I am at work.
LED with 240 refresh rate all the way. Even regular DVDs look SIIIIIICK on it. Friends who have really nice HDTVs come over and say that mine makes theirs look like crap.

Mine is a Samsung, 50", just bought it a month ago at Best Buy for $900 (not including tax and geek squad warranty).

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