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New Auction Site


Jul 6, 2005
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Please dont flame me if your mad for some reason, I didnt write these. I help run this site and my upper administrater has written this. We are hoping you all join our fourms but its not required.

Slivers said:
I decided to make a forum, well, once I got it up, I decided "Why Stop there?", so I decided to go bigger.
I decided to make a Auction Site, rather then have my own store, why not have a store, and a auction site, and allow others who register be able to do what they could do at ebay?
This place has User Feedback, everything Ebay (I belive) offers.
And so on. You can have your own Store ($2. a month) and fees are cheap
Take a look: http://comics.burnoutracing.com/auctions/sitefees.php
Listing Fee
From 0.01 USD to 1.00 USD $0.05 USD
From 1.00 USD to 5.00 USD $0.05 USD
From 5.00 USD to 25.00 USD $0.10 USD
From 25.00 USD to 100.00 USD $0.15 USD
From 100.00 USD to 500.00 USD $0.20 USD
From 500.00 USD to 5,000.00 USD $0.25 USD
From 5,000.00 USD to Above $0.30 USD

Second Category Fee $0.10 USD
Additional Pictures Fee $0.02 USD
Highlighted Items Fee $0.50 USD
Bold Items Fee $0.40 USD
Category Featured Items Fee $0.75 USD
Home Page Featured Items Fee $1.00 USD
Swap Fee $1.50 USD
Wanted Ad Setup Fee $0.15 USD
End of Auction Fee
From 0.01 USD to 5.00 USD 2.25%
From 5.00 USD to 10.00 USD 2.25%
From 10.00 USD to 50.00 USD 2.74%
From 50.00 USD to 250.00 USD 3.00%
From 250.00 USD to 1,000.00 USD 2.50%
From 1,000.00 USD to Above 2.20%
I have Catigories setup, but please, Suggestions would be great.
All Suggestions can either be posted here, at the <a href="<A href="http://www.comics.burnoutracing.com/forum">Support">http://www.comics.burnoutracing.com/forum">Support Board</a>
Or E-mailed.
Even though it's new, maybe someone will give it a try.
Thanks for readin!

My name on there is Batman (sorry lol). My upper admin is slivers29. We have alot of neat stuff worked out i advise you to check it out.
update: all listings are now free. That was the default setting we decided, to change it.

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