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New comic series - Thrasher now released


Jun 23, 2012
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Hey guys! I haven't posted in awhile because I've been hard at work on my comic series. It was just released and I'd appreciate it if you guys checked it out. It['s a digital comic so you can read it online or even on your facebook account!

Set in a world very much like ours, except most conspiracy theories are true, is the story arc "Shadows of the Fallen".

Thrasher is a character that represents hope. He's been killed, beaten, betrayed, and imprisoned, but continues to move ahead knowing that hope is something that will always exist. There's a spark of hope in even the darkest of places and Thrasher fully encompasses that concept.

At the start of the story we see him imprisoned for crimes he didn't commit by the shadow government organization that he's been trying to stop.

Look for it on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meddling-Media/282592301754615?sk=app_10539525...

Meddling Media: http://meddlingmedia.com/thrasher.html

Graphicly: http://graphicly.com/meddling-media/shadows-of-the-fallen/1

Be sure to share the hope! And check out the launch trailer!

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