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New The Batman


Aug 9, 2005
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when the hell are new episodes coming out and Who are the villains going to be? Anybody know?
May is likely when the last two season three episodes will air. We managed to find out what the titles for those will be called.

Then season four will start in Sept.
Here is official news from the Comics Continuum:

The Batman will close out its season on Kids' WB! with episodes titled "The Icy Depths" and "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind."

Kids' WB! hasn't announced its schedule for May yet, but both episodes are expected to air next month.

"The final two episodes of the season will have something of an epic feel," supervising producer Duane Capizzi told The Continuum. "We can look forward to a first time meeting -- in our series, anyway -- between two major rogues, and we will also meet someone from Alfred's past.

"And, as clich?as it may sound, in the season finale Batman will truly face one of his most difficult challenges ever -- Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind, in fact."

The Batman is expected to return next fall to whatever new version of Kids' WB! emerges from the The CW network. In additon, 26 new-to-the-network episodes of The Batman are slated to begin this summer on Cartoon Network.

Um, I wonder if "The Icey Depths" will be a Mr. Freeze episode? :rolleyes:
probably, but who could this Ultimat criminal mastermind be.
May is far man i want it NOW lol.

But yeah seems like mr freeze will be one villain but ultimate criminal mastermind?? I really dont know, i got a feeling its another joker ep.
i'm thinking it might be someone new or maybe hugo strange.
Well I can't believe the new episode info was on my topic and no one went there and replied. It doesn't matter.


The criminal mastermind?

It's Dave.

I have this strong feeling TB will return next month. Because if you think about it: why would they reveal this if they won't air them soon?

From the interview, the episode with Dave in it is suppose to be an old-fashioned Batman tale. When I mentioned this, one person said that TB might be on the level of BTAS with this, if it turned out to be case.

These are some pics from that season finale: Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind.




The last two is Dave.

I can tell you others one thing about the coming two coming episodes: Batgirl is not in either one of them.

This is a clip from the episode "Icy Depths" .



These two episodes will air next month. And Dave is spelled D.A.V.E. which means, that has also been revealed, is a robot.

Thanks goes to SRA of LoG.
Thanks for SRA of LoG.

SPOILERS for Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind. Do not read unless you want spoilers. v

D.A.V.E. encounters a scared Hugo Strange




Thanks to D.A.V.E, Bruce Wayne’s secret identity is about to be revealed for all


D.A.V.E. 2


D.A.V.E. steals money from the people of Gotham


Hugo Strange and Batman have an not-so friendly encounter

Hugo Strange admits his obsession!

I'm defintely interested in The Batman again after seeing that clip.
I'm still kind of confused on who this dave character is
He/It makes sense in some way. Defintely something created strictly for the series. Either that or their attempting their own mini-OMAC Project.

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