OFFICIAL SITE ACTIVE - And it will blow you away!


Mar 19, 2006
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Check it out. It has incredible design and content, including:

-A poker game

-Wallpapers and Screen Saver with new photographs, including one of Craig in tux...

-Photographs - Check 'em out. All you naysayers about Craig and a tuxedo, prepare to eat your words. You'll be blown away by how good Craig looks in that tuxedo.

-Character Bios - Check 'em out for some cool pictures of the characters. Eva Green's Vesper is positively stunning.

-A James Bond comprehensive dossier that is unlike anything I've ever seen, including printable documentation and a stunning depth of information. It's wonderful for the die-hard Bond fan and will certainly provide hours of fun for myself.

All-in-all, a stunning site.
Very interesting. This site has more substance than all the movie Die Another Day.
Can anyone download one of them frickin buddy icons? I's having troubles...
As soon as it has the English option available, nothing happens when I click on it.
millennium movies said:
The site or the poker part?

all..ive downloaded the the latest flash..but i can't get past the language.

Awesome site. Bond's Dossier is really cool.
Cool site, very well put together. Eva Green looks as hot as usual in that wallpaper.

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