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Superman Returns Official Superman Returns tie in thread


Feb 12, 2005
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list and discuss all promo partners here.

known ones:

Burger King
Perfect match.com
quakter oats
capn crunch
life cereal
quakter state motor oil
coca cola
sobe beverages
tropicana beverages
mountain dew


dunno why but i like this and felt like posting it.





This thread has all sorts of avenues for discussion, doesn't it ;) Good thing it's OFFICIAL.
Odd that we are seeing Pepsi and Coke, must not be Pepsi the cola, but it's other brand branches.
I was hoping it be with that Orange colored drink that had done both the spidey and Batman promos.
Can you remember that Orange colored drink? I forgot unfortunately. I think for the spiderman it had this dude on a train and we he drank it he dreamt he was spiderman chasing after a criminal.
It must have been gatorade laced with LCD or something.
NAh its not gatorade. I remember that its definetly not gatorade. But whoever this drink is they should do the superman one because the spiderman and Batman ones were incredible something u thought u would never see in an advertisement. The KFC ones are great too because they give you clips from the actual movie. I think its slice still not sure.
SolidSnakeMGS said:
Haha, come to PerfectMatch.com and find your "Superman". :down

Oh noooo. I can see them using that for the site actually. Oh well. I guess any promotion is good promotion, they could put him on diapers or anywhere and its still promotion.
Surprised that there isn't any type of toothpaste, or other tooth related hygiene tie-ins. "Get a smile thats super!" That sounds corny:o. I don't know.
There needs to be a tie-in with hummm how should I say it...male "performance" products... BYOJ (bring your own jokes)
I'd like to see Dorito's in this campaign. They need to put some special trading cards or 3-D glasses where you could go online and see cool stuff, only with those 3-D glasses. I eat doritos, so it would be very convienent.
Coca cola ads are crap and I don't want them to have SR. No thanks:down
explode7 said:
Coca cola ads are crap and I don't want them to have SR. No thanks:down

I would have to say Pepsi usually does have better ads. I want to see what kind of commercials might tie in with Superman Returns.
I want to agree with u there MM but then again those football ads with Beckham and those guys is not the kinda style I would like to see for SR and all pepsi ads follow that same football style IMO.
I see that in austalia Coke is doing the promotion for SR. Who will be doing it in the states Coke or Pepsi? I hope Coke b/c it sure tastes better than Pepsi.:supes:
Well, if the Coca-Cola company got the rights for SR in one country, I'm fairly certain that it applies worldwide.
Andy C. said:
Well, if the Coca-Cola company got the rights for SR in one country, I'm fairly certain that it applies worldwide.

Sure I read somewhere that both Coca Cola and Pepsi-Co are promo partners for this film. Pepsi-Co are also promoting through brands such as Lays (Walkers Crisps for people in the UK like me and better tasting too
No lie, I think it might be both. But if i had to guess, I'd say superman has pepsi in the us as variety reported, and coca cola has the rest of the world.


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