ok, im not sure how this works but i need help on a game so i came here cuz its a rpg


Jul 16, 2007
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ok, here's the deal. i started playing final fantasy 8 for the first time afew weeks ago, and my friend informed me that it's possible to get squalls lionheart weapon early on in the first disk by playing triple triad, the card game in ff8. well thats no trouble as i already have the items i need to get it...the only problem i have now is, im on the second disk and im in big trouble...im on the part where balamb garden is targeted for a missle attack and i, like the idiot i am decided to tell cid i'd help him with his plan to save garden....now im stuck in the md lvl basement where u activate the sheilds for garden and i cant get back down. anyone have any clue what i should do?
He put this in the RPG forums at first didn't he?
hey its not my fault..i just started using this thing again and i forgot how it works on this site..i dont even know exactly how to find most of the forums im looking for anymore..lol..anyway...i got what i needed due to the help of another forum site...thanks anyway guys..i probably wont come back here anytime soon...i get bagged on by everyone everytime i do something wrong, and yes im being a big whine baby..go ahead and bag on me..i dont care anymore
Dont see how anyone was "bagging" on you right now, but alright. Later.

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