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We recently got the plug and play Spiderman for Christmas, but I can't figure out how to defeat Rhino. Can anyone help?
Jump up and out of his way when he charges and when his horn sticks into the wall, you jump down and kick him.
Thanks for your help-now how do I kill the scorpion, Electro, and the Green Goblin?
the term comes from hard wear installation. plug and play was ment to be literaly that you plug in the card then you can play rather than installing drivers and setting IRQs and such. plug and play games are an extension of this. basically they are trying to make PC games as user friendly as console games. i hear there will be self bootable game discs for PCs soon.
LOL, what are you talking about?

The Plug and Play games "plug" into the front of your television set through the AV inputs.
Does anyone have some screenshots, of the Spidey plug and play game?
I've looked everywhere, but I can't find any good pics. Also, what's the gameplay like?

Thanks :spidey:
this is the best i've found so far
In regards to the plug and play- how do I kill the scorpion, Electro, and the Green Goblin?
Answer the man's question! Well, about Electro, anyway. I can't beat him.

Scorpion's easy. Just punch him until he stops moving. And take a step or two away from him after each punch to avoid the tail.
The joystick looks like a Spider-wang. EWW!
Spideyssuperfan said:
Have you seen the one where the chest plate that vibrates?

It's okay. Not anything amazing or spectacular (pun intended).

But uh...seriously, somebody tell me how to beat Electro.
Does anyone know how to defeat the Black Cat? Objects keep falling on Spiderman! We figured out Rhino, but the Black Cat's driving us nuts!!

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