Rate the New Trailer (12/12/12)

It was cool. More of what weve already seen but not as tight as the other trailers imo.

Still cant wait to see this flick. Tired of waiting.
Yeah, same here. If there's one thing about this film, it's that it had some catchy trailers. I just hope the film is going to be worth the 9 month delay.
Yeah, the Seven Nation Army trailer was friggen rad.

Hope they had time to tighten any problems with the film. From what Ive heard its pretty cool.
Yeah I didn't even want to see the first one. And I never did (which is just as well as I heard it was pretty bad).

This one I actively want to see just based on these trailers.
It was okay.

I'm glad it showed more of Channing Tatum. After watching him turn in some decent performances this year, it's good to have a reminder that he's still capable of horrible acting.

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