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Mar 17, 2006
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Last week on Channel Four in the UK, the"Fantastic Four" movie was telecast. As with "Daredevil" I had some grumbles - firstly over the casting of Latina Jessica Alba as Sue Storm and an African American actress as Alicia Masters( personally I think Reese Witherspoon or maybe Cameron Diaz would have been better- this appears to be some form of "political- or racial- correctness" gone mad!).
Julian McMahon( of "Charmed" and "Nip/Tuck" fame) was okay as the egotistical Victor Von Doom.
Ioann Gruffuyd captured the science obsessed character of Reed Richards perfectly as did Michael Chiklis in his initial despair due to being transformed by cosmic rays from test pilot Ben Grimm into the "ever lovin' blue eyed Thing" and (whoever his name was) who played the role of Johnny Storm showed off his juvenile nature.

Anybody think as I do?

I never like the cast for this movie (with the honorable exception of Michael Chiklis) but once they've done with it I just *sigh* and watch the movie anyways, cos I really like the characters (specially The Thing) when I was a kid.. The worst cast to me is Alba, who only vulgarize the movie with her plunging neckline.. nothing wrong with that anywhere else but in this movie? Yuck.
It's sad, really. The bridge scene is amazing, everything that comes before and after is just BS.
I thought Chris Evans as Johnny and Chiklis as the Thing were awesome. Julian McMahon as Doom was a pretty cool choice, but they butchered the character. Could have done worse than Gruffudd as Reed, but Alba as Sue Storm was just horrible. I didn't like the choice when I heard it and nothing she did in the film changed my mind.

Overall, the movie was far from great but I enjoyed it. Definitely a movie that grew on me after I saw it again. The "grand finale" fight at the end seemed a little weak. I would have enjoyed seeing much more.
I just watched some of it on FX and I forgot how bad it was. Alba is embarrassing. The terrible dialogue didn't help and the story is mediocre at best. The Thing becoming human again is laugh out loud bad as is "Doom". Everything about the film feels forced. It's almost like the filmmakers had no idea who the FF were, oh right they didn't.

I agree Chiklis is good, but The Thing costume is horrible. The final fight feels incomplete.
To be honest, I don't have much issue with the casting. I think all of the actors were capable of doing a good job with their roles, and some of them (particularly Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis) did great jobs anyway.

To me the problem is with the tone and the story. It just seems like a lighthearted kiddy film from the beginning, and as an adult that makes it hard to take seriously.

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