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Selling: Dark Knight Collection / Batman Returns Batmobile


T D K 89

I am currently selling my Kenner Batman Returns Batmissle Batmobile, as well as my Kenner Dark Knight Collection Batmobile. The auction for the Returns Batmobile also includes these loose, but very well conditioned figures

- (2) Sky Escape Jokers, all accessories included and the face changing feature still works on both.

- Knock-out Joker, all accessories included.

- (2) Quick Change Bruce Wayne's, all accessories included.

- Catwoman, all accessories included.

- Batman Returns Penguin, all accessories included, including one of the small penguins w/ rockets

And the last piece is a cool custom I made. I took a Thunderwhip Batman, which was the only movie accurate costume, seeing as it was the only one with the molded forearm guards. I took the head of Thunderwhip Batman and removed w/ hot water, and simple replaced it w/ an extra head from a Quick Change Bruce Wayne. Put the extra cowl on the Bruce head, and violia ... looks like a very accurate movie Batman. Especially considering the Quick Change cowl was the most B89 movie accurate. Looks kind of big on his head, just like the movie. Covers his eyes very well.

Also included ... is the OFFICIAL movie story book. Hardcover, and it covers everything from conceptualization of the movie, pre-production, production, concept artwork, etc. Also in the auction is the movie novelization and the graphic novel of the movie.


Visit these links for more ...


Oh nice. Even got the Jack Nicholson Joker figures. Love that Joker ...

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